Happy Memorial Day from Jack, Molly B and Me

My friend Jack gave me some good insight on life as we sat on the front porch of our cabin, watching the rain.
“I’ve just been sitting here thinking that everything in life has a purpose,” he said, as he swung slowly back and forth on the creaky porch swing.
“That’s true,” I said. “What made you think about that?”
“Cactuses,” he said.
I looked out at the moist green woods, and let the boy continue.
“Cactuses are prickly, but they’re great at storing water,” he said.”Trees are pretty good at storing water too. That’s their purpose. That and shelter, and paper.”
I looked at Jack, all droopy eyed from our busy weekend of pick-up baseball, campfires and Headless Horseman.
“What is the purpose of third grade boys?” I asked him.
“Toys,” he said. “Baseballs and bats…and, by the way, bats are good too. They eat bugs.”
I agreed with Jack about everything, even the bats (though I’m not a fan of the swooping.)
Everything in life has a purpose.
Marshmallows and life are meant to be toasted.
Weekends and friendships are meant to be savored.
And sleepy little boys are meant to be heard.

Happy Memorial Day from Jack, Molly B and Me. May God bless our military, especially those who have died to protect all we hold dear.

Jack bugle
Meet my friend Jack, a great thinker who is working on his bugler skills.
This picture of Jack’s dad, Joe, pretty much sums up our weekend. He cooked pulled pork in the smoker, which is the best way ever to keep the mosquitoes at bay, while the makeshift baseball diamond over his shoulder saw plenty of action.
Our college friend, Karen, enjoying a little sun. She’s Jack (and Charlie’s) mom.
Charlie's fish
And speaking of Charlie, he pulled a couple of impressive large mouth bass out of the river. He’s a catch and release fisherman with mad skills.
Charlie baseball
Charlie’s got some impressive skills on the diamond as well.
Here he is pitching to me. (Photo credit Karen).
Baseball Karen
We take our baseball pretty seriously around these parts.
Celia baseball
I would like to point out that I was playing first base and taking pictures simultaneously, which may explain why the kids beat the grownups without breaking a sweat.
Vinnie baseball
First base + photographer = losing team.
Ceil and Autumn
But we all had fun.
Did a little hiking…
Jack adn the baby cows
Fed some tiny calves…
Lots of cows
…petted a few cows….
Memorial Day
and honored the flag. God bless the military, especially those who have died to protect all we hold dear.



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