A Wild Adriatic Wednesday

Take a funky band on a pit stop in an unlikely venue and you have reason number 1,647 to support live music.

We caught Wild Adriatic on an ordinary Wednesday night and felt like we had stumbled into Café au Go Go in 1968.

The Outer Edge, a converted church, proved to be an able host for the trio from Saratoga Springs, NY. Stained glass windows set the back drop for a free, BYOB performance, and an eclectic group of music lovers crowded in.

Working the room from the stage with his hyper expressive eyeballs and keen riffs, bass player Richie Derby eventually could not contain his energy. He jumped down and took his giant afro for a mid-song sprint through the crowd, without missing a beat.

That was reason enough to say, as my son and I did many times throughout the evening, “I can’t believe how cool this is!”

Lead singer and guitar player Travis Gray added an impressive vocal range and crazy, behind the back, music skills, and drums player Mateo Vosganian completed the high energy, cool rock sound.

The band enjoyed the mutually joyful discovery of artist and Appleton that has become the hallmark of Mile of Music when Wild Adriatic came to town last summer to perform in that event.

Last week, they stopped by again to rest between gigs, write a few tunes and connect, once again, with the supportive music fans of the Fox Valley.

They’ll be back this summer for Mile of Music 3 and, if last Wednesday night’s performance is any indication (of course, it is), we’re in for another amazing summer.

Rose and I
I ran into my friend Rose and she gamely agreed to pose for a picture with band members Rich, Mateo and me. (She’s shy that way).
Stained glass
I loved the juxtaposition of the original stained glass windows and the band’s accidentally, color-coordinated promo shot.
Another Travis
He boasted an impressive vocal range…
Behind the head
…and crazy guitar skills.
Better Travis pic
Lead singer Travis Gray really connected with the crowd.
You can catch the vocals on their EPs, but to feel the passion of this band, you really need to see them live.
Richie worked the crowd, first with his eyeballs and then with his whole self.
Wild Adriatic 109
I’m not sure this picture captures Mateo’s high energy performance but it was really amazing.


Full house
Cool view for an ordinary Wednesday, no?

Just for funsies, I’m including this clip of Rich’s run through the crowd. Pretty cool stuff.


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