Reflections on an early spring


Crocuses poke, daffodils rise and apple blossoms rise

Butterflies return and fat bumble bees flit

Green grass grows all around



Scrawny squirrels leap from naked branches

Dirty snow slinks to the curb

Fickle breezes toss uncovered trash



You have to look down to find the beauty

of an early spring day.

Cloud pool
I looked down on a Sunday afternoon stroll, and I found these clouds floating across an abandoned lot.
This river path will be much more beautiful as the trees and grass fill in. On my walk, though, I looked down and saw a really pretty reflection in the melting snow.
House reflection
I love both the reflection of this gorgeous house in the puddle on the street in front of it, and the good ole Wisconsin boy skateboarding through the snowbanks in shorts and a T-shirt.
A tree grows on a car
The reflection here makes it look like a tree is growing through this car.
The streets aren’t beautiful, but, in the right light, the puddle in it is.
Branch patterns
Caught this one morning on my walk to work. I liked the connection of the branch shadows and the puddle picture.
Shadows (4)
Another beautiful old house reflected in the water.
Puddle picture
An extended puddle picture.
Stop sign ahead
This sidewalk picture is almost a perfect reflection of the street sign and sky.
Wrong way
Wrong way, right light. Check out the window lights reflected in the puddle.


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