Three of the best bosses in the business

Through good luck and better work habits, my son Charlie has enjoyed the influence of three amazing bosses during his relatively short professional life.

He interned, and then worked for Oprah Winfrey, who taught him how to command an empire with grace and humor. Assigned to hang with Dr. Maya Angelou during the hectic filming of Oprah’s final episode, Charlie spent the day with the legendary National Poet Laureate, capped by a profound farewell.

“Have a blessed life,” she told him.

And, despite the confounding contrariety of the television industry, he has.

When the Oprah Winfrey show ended, Charlie migrated to New York, where he worked for Anderson Live. Anderson Cooper taught Charlie that while sleep can be superfluous, honesty can’t. Unfortunately, after two seasons Anderson Live, a high quality daily talk show, was canceled.

This season, Charlie is working as a producer for the Meredith Vieira Show. Meredith Vieira is teaching Charlie to work hard, value family and be true to himself. She is also teaching him not to take life too seriously.

On today’s episode of the syndicated show, Charlie gets to test his Wisconsin Casual style of dress — hoodies and cargo pants — against the crème de le crème of New York Fashion week. I’m told he gets a few tips from Diane von Furstenberg.

I genuinely enjoy the Meredith Vieira Show; it reflects its host’s intelligence and sense of fun. She attracts great guests, some of whom I’ve always admired, and some of whom I liked better after they appeared on her show.

Check out the Meredith Vieira Show for yourself. If you’re inclined, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and post a message or two of encouragement on her website.

I’ve been grateful for the influence of all three of Charlie’s bosses, and I’d like to see this recent gig last a good long while.

Anderson Photo Booth
Vinnie and I got to see Charlie at work on Anderson Live, where Charlie’s boss graciously hopped in the photo booth with us,
Charlie's first trip to NY
This is Charlie demonstrating a summer version of #WisconsinCasual on a college visit trip to New York in 2005.


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