Film noir, a Nashville star and a pizza bar none

Fog rolled in off the great lake as we drove south, a trio of cool cats in search of a wood fired pie.

Muted Christmas lights lent a festive air, though the actual holiday had long since passed.

“What gives?” said Molly coolly from the backseat as she reapplied her ruby red lipstick and shook her long dark hair over one eye.

I turned and tipped my imaginary fedora back to get a closer look.

Let other dames compromise with smart phones and Google maps, I intended to find my way old school, with nothing but intuition, intense hunger, and memories of a pizza so delicious I tasted it still.

“That’s it!” I yelled as Big Daddy brought our rig to a screeching halt on Eighth Street, number 5-1-5.

And there, rising like a fat, yellow moon in a Spielberg flick, it stood, Il Ritrivo, a certified VPN pizzeria.

Now, I had absolutely no idea what VPN meant and, frankly, I didn’t give a damn.

Very Pretty Nuts? I have a couple of those. They’re called daughters.

Vino Poured Nightly? Well, now, I’m not going to argue with that, are you?

Turns out it stands for Vera Pizza Napoletana, a genuine stamp of approval from Naples, birthplace of pizza and Sophia Loren.

We parked the car and made our way through the quiet streets, the lure of buffalo mozzarella (made from the milk of the Italian domestic water buffalo) calling my name.

Now, I’m not going to recount the meal we shared or how quickly we scarfed up our beautiful pie.

But, I will say this: If you’re ever in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and find yourself hungry and craving a Neapolitan pie, make your way over to Il Ritrivo.

And tell ’em Molly B and Me sent you.

Sheboygan Wood Fired Pizza
It all starts with a genuine, wood fired stone oven. That’s our pie in there, packing some heat.
Sheboygan wood
We snuck in through the back entrance, past a big stack of wood, impressive in the pale moonlight.
Sheboygan Buffalo Mozzarella pizza
My oh my, that’s a wonderful pie.
Sheboygan lights
We had to walk off our Neapolitan inhalation, so we strolled through Sheboygan a bit. These Christmas trees glowed coolly in the foggy air.
Sheboygan children's museum
This ship-themed children’s museum rose tall and quirky.
Sheboygan chiseled
And, here’s the marquee that inspired our film noir attempt. You can blame Cory Chisel…and then you can see him, live and in concert at the Weill Center for Performing Arts. Hustle on over this  Saturday, have a pie and see an amazing show. We’re betting you think Sheboygan is as cool as we do.


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