PBS: Pizza Bufala Style

My husband’s television habits continue to confound us.
Last week, though, they directly resulted in our thorough enjoyment of a Neapolitan style pizza, so we’re not going to complain. Much.
His truly gifted mastery of the remote control combined with the expanding network of available programs brought to us by digital cable means television shows and commercials whiz by those of us still willing to watch TV with him (me and, only on a very slow day in her life, Molly). We end up craving Dramamine. This TV ADD, I’m told, is not uncommon in the less-fair sex.
What makes the experience uniquely Vince, though, is when his hyperactive thumb pauses. Of course he has his go-to stations (anything beginning with ESPN), but Vince also enjoys Paranormal Activity, John Edward Cross Country, Antique Roadshow and, most recently, Wisconsin Foodie. Odd, right?
But we’re not going to complain.
If some of those shows have given us the opportunity to make sport (and this from a woman who once lost an embarrassing chunk of time to a Real Housewives of Orange County Marathon), others have added to the general enjoyment of our lives.
Wisconsin Foodie, for example, led us to an impressive little trio of restaurants in Sheboygan, Wisconsin that champion the farm to fork movement.  On Saturday we went to one of them, a pizza joint called Il Ritrovo, for a delicious lunch.
We took notes and hope to recreate the Bufalina Bianca pizza we enjoyed, although we’re going to have a little trouble reconstructing the 800 degree wood fired oven.
We don’t know these people and we don’t write restaurant reviews
but this bread, baked on the premises, is both fantastic and free.
We want to make this at home. Arugula we can find, Bufala
Mozzarella maybe not. Also, we’re a little afraid of yeast. But,
this was so good we’re going to give it a whirl.
Here’s Molly enjoying a little pre-Pizza house salad.
Two months into the blog and he finally appears
(albeit back-lit and sadly hazy)! Here’s Vince
using his well-conditioned right thumb to dig
into a bowl of pre-pizza pumpkin squash soup.

3 thoughts on “PBS: Pizza Bufala Style

  1. If you ever make it to Brooklyn, the pizza place a half block from my apt makes amazing brick oven pizzas like this. The fresh greens on top are amazing, though when you come to Brooklyn we have to go to Lot 2 first so you can taste their amazing burgers. Definitely the best burger ever and it's not a burger place, it's more like a fancy restaurant.

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