Ode to the Brussel Sprout (With apologies to H.W. Longfellow)

Listen my readers and I will spout

the unsung virtues of the brussel sprout.

Cruciferous and really cute

with leafy edges that self-flute,

they pack nutritious clout.


We said to the turkey with tryptophan

And stuffing sweet and baste-y,

“This Thanksgiving our favorite pan

is the cabbage, green and tasty.”

One for the iron and vitamin C

Two for potassium, clearly

An ideal, tiny, leafy green

and perfect source of good protein,

it’s elevated lean cuisine.


The trick to the dish relies on the makin’

we tossed it with pine nuts and crispy bacon

Then sautéed it carefully just for a blink

(because overcooking will lead to a stink)

Serve them quickly, have your druthers

they’re more vulnerable than the others

To pesky tasters like your brothers.

They’re best roasted hot, and salted just right

They’ll dress up your plate, and you’ll savor each bite.

Halloween Week 2014 079
Here she is in all her original glory. I thought it would be cool to buy a whole stalk. I thought wrong. As I hacked and sawed those stubborn little buds off the thick stem, I realized that de-sprouting brussels is best left to the experts.


Molly and Katherine
They look sweet, and they cooked up a storm, but these two lovelies are pretty fierce when it comes to protecting their dishes.
Charlie distracting
This is Katherine, blocking out Charlie, who is using the old “Hey, Look! It’s a Macy’s Day Parade Balloon!” trick.
Vinnie moving in
Then Vinnie stealthily circles in…
Vinnie sneaks in
…but is rebuffed by a well-played 2-on-one zone defense.
Katherine and the boys
Katherine proved to be a very agile brussel sprout maker/protector.
Brussel star
And they landed safely on the table, front and center and, not coincidentally, directly in front of my plate



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