You’ve got to have hearts (a Thanksgiving guest post by Wilson)

Editors note: Wilson, my 12-year old nephew, whipped up this guest post following our Thanksgiving dinner and rousing card game.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. You get say what you’re thankful for, like food and shelter. The best part is becoming a living “food vacuum,” then crashing on a couch and moaning, then, when pie comes at you, you go, “Well maybe just on more bite.” Then, after you do that, you go, “Why did I do that?”. But, we all know why.

This Thanksgiving I went to my aunt and uncle’s house. They have four kids Charlie, Vinnie, Molly, and Katherine.  We watched the Lions/Bears game then ate. The best was the turkey (of course) and potatoes. If you add gravy to them both it tastes even better. For dessert we had pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, and apple cake. My cousin Molly made the apple and pecan pie. My school made the apple pie in a fundraiser.

After dinner Molly brought out the pies and made whipped cream.  We also played hearts; hearts is a card game that has always been in the family. It started with Grandpa Vince. He loved to play it and he always put money on it. Hearts is a game of strategy. You take a deck of card and split it up between everyone who’s playing, but you don’t actually give everyone an even amount so that the deck is not totally gone. Instead you give people a good amount and put the rest in the blind. Then you take two cards from your deck and pass it to the person to you left. Then you start; you lay down one card around in a pile. You have to lay down a card in pile that is in the same suit as the person who laid down the first card, if you don’t have a card in that suit, you just lay down a random card. The person to lay down the highest card in the suit wins the cards. You try to not have any hearts because hearts are points and you want the least amount of points possible to win. The queen of spades is worth 13 points. The person who gets the first deck gets the blind. If you get all the points in one round you actually get zero points and everybody gets 26.

So overall Thanksgiving is just a great holiday. We all had fun and I really like it because it’s a good gap filler between Halloween and Christmas.

Wilson playing hearts
Sometimes in hearts you try to “Shoot the Moon” by taking all the points on the table. You have to have a pretty good poker face to pull it off. My Aunt Laura did it once in 1998. She also wrote the caption to this photo.
A post Thanksgiving blog
I wrote the post while I digested dinner. Then I went back for round two.
Thanksgiving 2014 034
Here’s a shot of my Aunt Donna, me, my dad, my mom and my brother Guy. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!



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