Here are 77 reasons you want to be a Packer fan

As we gear up for the Packer home opener and alumni weekend for the greatest NFL team in the country, we offer the following 77 reasons you want to be a Packer fan:

  1. We are womb to tombers. Parents put their babies on the season ticket waiting list the day they are born and the stadium fields multiple requests each year from people who want to scatter loved one’s ashes on that hallowed ground. (Mercifully, denied. We don’t want to think about sneezing out little bits of Uncle Elmer every game day.)
  2. You get to hear the great Reggie White sing “Amazing Grace” during Packer home games.
  3. Hall of Famer Tony Canadeo, the Grey Ghost of Gonzaga and one of the nicest guys we ever met.
  4. Say what you will about him, Brett Favre made an impact on the game
  5. We own the team.
  6. LeRoy Butler’s first Lambeau Leap and every single leap after that.
  7. Packer fans honor our players for life (and we say “our” players and “our” team because we’re bonded like that).
  8. We have our own Hall of Fame and…
  9. … it’s full of trophies.
  10. Lambeau Field will never be named for some corporate sponsor.
  11. Our games have been played at the same location since 1957.
  12.  Aaron Rodgers’ championship belt/discount double check move
  13. Our address has been 1265 Lombardi Avenue since 1968
  14. Vince Lombardi is our coach, baby
  15. Bart Starr = class. Then, now and always.
  16.  Held a stock sale just for funsies in 1997-98, raised more than $20 million
  17. The Bishop’s Charity game, a brainchild of Vince Lombardi and Father Bill Spalding,  has raised more than $3.7 million for the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay since 1961.
  18. Donald Driver‘s smile
  19. Gilbert Brown, the jolly lineman with the lethal moves. They don’t call him the gravedigger for nothing.
  20. Super Bowl I
  21. We don’t raise brats, we grill them.
  22. Beer dip. You know you want some.
  23. Kabeer Gbaja Biamila’s eloquent statement and his recent induction into the Packer Hall of Fame.
  24. Our teams runs onto Lambeau through a tunnel of fans
  25. No wardrobe malfunction potential with our wholesome cheerleaders
  26. The Ice Bowl. We played in it. We stayed at it. We won it.
  27. Jordy!
  28. Super Bowl II
  29. The bridge of Chuck Cecil’s nose
  30. Teague’s League
  31. Al Harris’ sweet thank you note that still makes us well up a little.
  32. This website, that helps you find the best Packer bars in any zip code
  33. Our players ride kid’s bikes from the locker room to the practice field during training camp.
  34. There is no tailgate party like a Lambeau tailgate party.
  35. Super Bowl XXXI
  36. Friendly parking on Lambeau neighborhood lawns, where the backyard real estate is even more valuable than the homes
  37. The Luxemberg-Casco middle school football team, which had a couple of T-shirt wearing, Super Bowl winning fans in the stands this week — Aaron Rodgers and Mason Crosby.
  38. Bars — seven layer, chocolate chip, lemon, pumpkin, apple. You’ll find all manner of bars at Packer tailgates.
  39. Bars — the Bar, Stadium View, Curly’s Pub and every other Packer bar you’ve ever stepped in, bellied up to, and high-fived your way through.
  40. Cheeseheads, Cheese bras, Cheese cheeks etc. We’re not saying we’d wear them, but we appreciate their festive charm.
  41. The Packer Bikini girls who earned their moments in the sun with impressive stamina during their moments in the icy cold and who, thankfully, never appeared in less than their bikinis.
  42.  Grandmothers who nonchalantly dissect the 3-4 defense during Sunday dinner conversation.
  43. Go Pack Go. It’s a simple cheer but what a joy to hear it booming from other NFL stadiums!
  44. Super Bowl XLV
  45. Favre4hope
  46. Our renovated scoreboard
  47. We sit old school, on bleachers
  48. Clergy members who send their flock off on Sunday mornings with a quick Packer prayer
  49. It’s fun to watch opposing players freeze
  50. We know how to gear up for cold weather games and, even if you’re wearing purple and yellow, we’ll help you gear up too
  51. Sometimes, unannounced, our players eat hot lunch in Green Bay schools.
  52.  Clay Matthews — the eye of the tiger and the mane of the lion.
  53. The Packer fence painter
  54. Green Bay remains the smallest NFL city with the biggest fan base
  55. B.J. Raji’s touchdown dance
  56. They don’t call it Titletown for nothing!
  57. 13-time world champions!
  58. Ryan Longwell, the prodigal player who retired a Packer
  59. Dave Robinson, Green Bay’s newest Hall of Famer, a talented athlete with a deep belly laugh.
  60. Max McGee and his timeless wit
  61. Lombardi: the man, the street, the trophy, the BROADWAY SHOW
  62. Whether you travel through Ireland, Harlem or Arizona, you’ll run into fellow Packer fans and they’ll always say hello.
  63. It’s still America’s team
  64. Dick Schaap, Jerry Kramer and their iconic series Distant Replay, Packer Replay and one of the best sports book ever written, Instant Replay.
  65. More than 63,000 fans attend our scrimmage
  66. Nitschke, legendary linebacker and namesake of a thousand family bulldogs
  67. Military Flyovers
  68. The Beer Barrel Polka
  69. Our home has no dome, just a lot of good, clean air.
  70. 22 players inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, second most in the NFL
  71. A jazz band roams the pre-game parking lot, playing tunes for treats and tips.
  72. St. Vincent, who only lets Lombardi era Packers sign his miter and has collected 22 autographs from those glorious teams.
  73. On special occasions, like a Super Bowl win, school districts shorten their school day to accommodate the celebration.
  74.  Henry Jordan, the quick-witted, quick-footed Hall of Famer
  75. Invest in our quarterback jerseys — they’ll last you 15 years or more
  76. Green for go and gold for win. It’s a natural color combination — in Wisconsin.
  77. No other professional sports organization treats its alumni and fans with such respect. Every year the Packers invite their alumni home for a whole weekend of celebrations. Save some cheers for the halftime program and a special celebration of the ’65,’66 and ’67 teams. Join me in cheering a little harder for good ole number 77, my dad Ron Kostelnik.
Chicago Bears Willie Dad and Ray
My dad and his pals Ray Nitschke and Willie Davis. Willie will be at the game Sunday, so let him know you care with a big, ole Lambeau welcome
Players ride kids bikes from the locker room to the practice field as the little bike owners trot along. Here’s Molly and her brother Vinnie high-fiving Desmond Bishop as he pedals to practice in 2010
Frozen Tundra...Giants at Lambeau 2007
Game time temperature was -1 degree at the third coldest NFL playoff game in history. We still had a great time tailgating. That’s Vinnie under all that fleece.
game day
Every game’s a sell-out at Lambeau, it’s just a little tighter squeeze in the winter.
Our friend Rose posed with St. Vincent outside Lambeau Field.
Our friend Rose posed with St. Vincent outside Lambeau Field.
You're in Packers Country
You’re in Packers Country at Lambeau, in Green Bay, in Wisconsin and, frankly, almost anywhere you go. Packer fans have gone global. Go Pack Go!

15 thoughts on “Here are 77 reasons you want to be a Packer fan

  1. That is a lot of reasons. So cool that your Dad played for them!!! Alas, I will have to remain a Titans fan for my Dad. He didn’t have any sons, so he taught me everything I know about football. Football season is our father/daughter bonding time! 🙂

  2. Another great post. I’m still catching up on all my e-mails. I loved this one & it really sums up what Packer fan are all about. Thanks again for the mention in your blog. Just so you know Charlie worked with me at Starbucks on Northland & I’m still there. You have a great brother & I’m am enjoying each & everyone of you posts. Love getting to know your family more with each post. Keep them coming & Go Pack Go!!!

  3. Packer fans, true Packer fans, are born, not made. It is a generational pass down, from our grandfathers, to our fathers, to us, to our sons and daughters, it is a legacy and a family tradition. My father introduced me to Packer Football in the mid 1960’s,during the Lombardi era. I was 9, and I distinctly remember the ’65 season culminating in the NFL Championship game against the Browns in Green Bay. The following few years, with Lombardi at the helm, are firmly in my memory. I remember the ’66 and ’67 Championship games against Dallas, including the Ice Bowl. The Super Bowls I & II are recalled with an ardent fervor as the Packers were World Champions two years in a row. My teenage years are filled with Packer lore and history, and as I became an adult, my life became infused in all things Packers. Loyalty to the Green and Gold has never faded, through the lean years in the 70’s and 80’s, until the second coming, namely Holmgren and Favre, in the ’90’s. My loyal support reached a height during the late 90’s and 2000’s, and continues to the day, with McCarthy and Rodgers. I am a shareholder now, and make my yearly pilgrammage to the hallowed grounds of Lambeau Field every year. I have indoctrinated my children in Packers history and tradition, and they are Packer fans now too. I can think of no other sports team that invokes such a following that spans generations past, present and future. Being a Packer Backer is much like a religion; it is a lifetime devotion to that little town team by the bay called Green Bay.

  4. I knew your father very well. I went to high school with him. He was one of my best friends. The words you used to describe him touched me. He was a very humble and gentle person. Also, very kind. He never forgot his friends nor family. I’m sure he stayed that way throughout his life.

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