We’re pulling for Jerry Kramer

We’re pulling for Jerry Kramer to be elected to the NFL Hall of Fame because he pulled for the most iconic sweep in NFL history.

Kramer, who played guard for the Packers from 1958 through 1968, chronicled the 1967 season in Instant Replay, a book called “the best book every written about that sport and that league,” by the Washington Post’s Jonathan Yardley.

Sports fans value the book, co-written by the great Dick Schaap, because it took them inside both the NFL locker room and the minds of the men who suited up there. I value the book because it showed me another side of my dad, who popped up periodically in it and the sequel Distant Replay.

His literature endeared Kramer to sports fans across the globe, but No. 64 really made his presence known on the field. A five-time First Team All-Pro selection, Kramer blocked both intelligently and fearlessly, and he led the way for running backs Jimmy Taylor and Paul Hornung on the famed Lombardi power sweep. Taylor was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1976 and Hornung joined him 10 years later.

A consummate team player, Kramer doubled as a placekicker when needed and scored 177 points in his career with the Packers.

In 1970, Kramer was named to the 50th Anniversary NFL Team and remains the only member of this elite team not elected to the Hall of Fame. He was elected to the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame in 1975.

A Hall of Fame finalist in 1974, 75, 76, 78, 79, 80, 81, 84 and 87, Kramer has handled himself gracefully with each disappointment. He became eligible to be a senior candidate in 1993.

Transcending all of these statistics is the manner in which Kramer has conducted himself for the 54 years in which he’s been associated with the NFL. We believe he has been an excellent ambassador for his team and his league.

For more information about how you can support the Hall of Fame campaign for Jerry Kramer, visit this website: www.jerrykramer4hof.com.

My dad, Ron Kostelnik, snapped this picture of Jerry Kramer on the plane in January of 1967 as the team returned from Super Bowl I.
This group enjoyed each other’s company during poker games and hunting trips in the years following their football careers. But they also spent a tremendous amount of time supporting charitable causes. Here they are at the Max McGee Roast, which raised funds for children’s hospital. Front row, left to right, Willie Davis, Bart Starr, Jerry Kramer, Ron Kostelnik, Dick Schaap. Back row, left to right, Paul Hornung, Ron Kramer, Max McGee, Milwaukee Sentinel sportswriter Bud Lea, and Fuzzy Thurston.
Fuzzy Thurston and Jerry Kramer pulled for my mom, Peggy and my daughter Katherine at the NFL season opener in 2006.
This is a picture of my sister Kathy and me with fellow daughters of the 1961 Packer team, Karen Gregg, Jennifer Caffey Hoffman and Alicia Kramer. Alicia is organizing the campaign for her father’s induction. Any letters, signatures or tweets of support should be posted by the end of this month.

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