Here’s to our mom (a post by Charlie, Katherine, Vinnie and Molly)

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Thank you Mom

Thank you for typing my stories when I was a kid
Thank you for giving me broccoli and cheese for my birthday
Thank you for driving me to and from football practice and play practice and choir practice, even when it meant getting up at 5 o’clock on subzero winter mornings

Thank you for making me read books before I could see their big screen adaptations
Thank you for taking me on long car trips to visit family and see where I came from
Thank you for always being there for me

Thank you for teaching me to live my life with dignity
Thank you for forgiving my mistakes and for helping me learn from them
Thank you to you and dad for raising us in a home full of love

Thank you

Charlie Biskupic


My mother is a writer
She gave us each a pen on a hot summer day
She helped us find our active voice
And put into practice the soul of wit.
With alliterations
Through tribulations,
She gives us all a laugh.

My mother is a cook
She mixes comfort with creativity
She kindly lets us concoct dinners
When our creaky cupboards are empty.
With Baba’s arm
She can do no harm
She fills our plates with love.

My mother is a runner
She stretches her long legs in her famous father’s stride.
She jogged us all through made up scampers
And mended our knees after muddy courses.
She takes the sign
When we all hide.
She needs her morning run to take on the world.

My mother is a friend
Her particular specialty lies in her empathy.
She’s a doctor through ailments serious and small,
And listens to rants both dramatic and raw.
Her patient ears
Will calm all fears
She solves our problems with kindness and care.

Warm, witty writer
A chef we’d recommend
Long, legged Laura
My constant best friend.

– Katherine Biskupic


My mother laughs with big tears of happiness in her eyes.
She can crack a joke just as well as she can take one.
She taught us to live our lives with a big smile

Here’s to the woman who raised us.

My mother respects and cares for others in complete selflessness.
She reaches out to others and never asks for anything in return.
She taught us to live our lives with dignity.

Here’s to the woman who raised us.

My mother sings, dances, writes and cooks.
She always finds time for enjoyment in between her busy schedule.
She taught us to live our lives doing the things we love to do.

Here’s to the woman who raised us.

My mother loves and never stops loving.
She’s the chain that supports her friends and family through good times and bad.
She taught us to live our lives with a full heart.

Here’s to the woman who raised us.

-Vinnie Biskupic


How to live like my mom

  1. Live your life with dignity
  2. Greet people with their name
  3. Don’t be shy with compliments
  4. Every meal should be beautiful
  5. Sing every song to its fullest
  6. Test your batches of cookies
  7. Drink your iced tea with lemon
  8. Limit passive sentences
  9. Move your hips while dancing
  10. Always do your best
  11. It’s okay to mess up
  12. A run can cure (almost) any ailment
  13. Hot chocolate’s the best on a cold day
  14. Always be there for your kids

– Molly Biskupic


2 thoughts on “Here’s to our mom (a post by Charlie, Katherine, Vinnie and Molly)

  1. Well all I can say is your mother has so much to be proud of. Since I know Charlie, I know he lives by you mothers words and it’s clear the rest of you do to by reading the blog. Your blog brings so much joy to me especially as I watch the news. Thanks again for sharing.

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