A Pitch Perfect evening with Fundamentally Sound

Our Pitch Perfect evening Friday night included all things Chicago – a deep dish pizza, a beat boxing Bear and a spirited A Cappella contest. Seven teams competed in the ICCA Mid-West Quarterfinals in front of an over-capacity crowd, which included our enthusiastic group of seven rookie fans. As we made our way down to [...]

A storm by any other name

Want to know who to blame for this long winter of endless snow and stubborn ice? Ask Shakespeare. "T'is but thy name that is my enemy," he wrote. Hear that weather channel? It's the name. Anonymous snowstorms build quietly, whoosh swiftly through town and move on. The entire event rarely lasts more than a day, a [...]

Saturday night’s alright (for fighting stage fright)

We wandered into a music and poetry slam Saturday night, a couple of trendy hipsters out on the town. Packing some choice quotes from his favorite philosopher, Yogi Berra, on a folded piece of typing paper, Vince immediately made his way to a corner chair. Similarly armed with a blog post print out, I joined [...]

Some enchanted evenings warm the heart

It began with a small swatch of color -- a bright cotton dress peeking out from a thick wool coat. Slowly the colors spread into the music, the food and the faces of the people attending mass at our small Catholic church in Appleton, Wisconsin. A ubiquitous luster, especially vivid during these frozen February days, [...]