Sr. Anne Arthur: Faith by Works– A post by Molly

"I didn't ask them, I told them." Sister Anne Arthur Klinker said firmly.Even her parents could not shake her steadfast resolve to join a convent during her junior year of high school. As a  school sister of Notre Dame, Sister Anne Arthur's religious calling would take her across the United States and Nigeria. When my [...]

Fire Dancers

Fire Dancers

For a humble man, Father Elias Nieves inspires a raucous party. More than 2,000 miles from his home town and 87 years after his death, the martyred priest headlined an all-day extravaganza at St. Therese Parish, including food, flan, and fire dancing. The church hosts a Father Nieves tribute celebration every year, marking the day, [...]

Some enchanted evenings warm the heart

It began with a small swatch of color -- a bright cotton dress peeking out from a thick wool coat. Slowly the colors spread into the music, the food and the faces of the people attending mass at our small Catholic church in Appleton, Wisconsin. A ubiquitous luster, especially vivid during these frozen February days, [...]

Going my way (in honor of Father Dan Gilsdorf)

Despite an awkward beginning, our family built a special relationship with our parish priest, Father Dan Gilsdorf , who married my husband and me in 1987. That occasion, which took place on a frozen Saturday afternoon in January, may have given mellow Father Dan a clue about the organizationally challenged family he had gamely befriended. [...]