Can you hear me now?

Modern technology met 1931 yesterday at our house.
In a rush to get out the door for an early morning orthodontist appointment we all had forgotten, Molly dropped her cell phone behind the radiator in our dining room.
The chain reaction from that simple act continues to reverberate (much like our furnace. But I digress. Kind of.)
After I drove her to her appointment in my jammies (sadly, not the first time that particular fashion faux paus has occurred), I began the desperate quest to retrieve the cell phone.
Like many cell phones I know, Molly’s is a cheeky little apparatus.
It winked at me as I peeked, its message clear. “You have exactly 30 minutes to find me until my battery dies and I disappear into the underbelly of this radiator forever.”
I assembled all of my usual state-of-the art tools — the empty Swiffer handle, a large pair of barbeque tongs and a wire coat hanger.
I bellied up to the coils and began to poke violently at random spots along its base. I swatted out a roll of masking tape, a pen and a Fischer Price Little Person that had been missing since 1992.
But no cell phone.
My husband helpfully volunteered to call the cell phone, which added a nice musical backdrop to the increasingly futile operation.
At one point I brushed it with the tips of my right hand fingers. Could. Not. Quite. Reach.
Then, in a brilliant burst of American ingenuity, I lifted the top off the radiator. Turns out the top comes off. I lifted out the interior tray. Well, whaddya know? The tray came out as well. Finally, my husband and I hoisted the entire metal cover of the radiator off.
“It comes apart?” I thought. “Should we have known that? Should we have cleaned that?”
With the entire thing dis-assembled, I retrieved the cell phone with just a few minutes to spare.
I believe I offended the radiator gods, though, because at exactly 3:30 this morning, our furnace came to a screeching halt.
More on that adventure next week…

Here in all her glory is our undressed radiator.
We have radiators all over our house. Hmmmm.
Perhaps it’s time for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt?
Who knows what treasures lay wedged beneath?
Staged this. Clearly. Same bathrobe but that’s not what I look like
in the morning and it’s certainly not what I looked like this morning.
We have no pictures of me frantically fishing for the phone. What a shame.

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