Ode to the Brussel Sprout (With apologies to H.W. Longfellow)

Listen my readers and I will spout the unsung virtues of the brussel sprout. Cruciferous and really cute with leafy edges that self-flute, they pack nutritious clout.   We said to the turkey with tryptophan And stuffing sweet and baste-y, "This Thanksgiving our favorite pan is the cabbage, green and tasty." One for the iron [...]

You’ve got to have hearts (a Thanksgiving guest post by Wilson)

Editors note: Wilson, my 12-year old nephew, whipped up this guest post following our Thanksgiving dinner and rousing card game. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. You get say what you're thankful for, like food and shelter. The best part is becoming a living "food vacuum," then crashing on a couch and moaning, then, when pie [...]