This year I’m thankful for persimmons

This year, I am especially thankful for persimmons and all they represent.

My particular persimmons arrived unexpectedly, hand picked, dried and packaged from a brand new friend’s backyard tree. They looked like little wheels of sunshine, all seeded and eager to please.

“Hello there, little guys,” I said as I opened up a little packet and took a peek inside. Having never met a persimmon before, I wasn’t sure what to make of them. So, I looked them up.

Turns out persimmons promote heart health and reduce inflamation (kind of like friendship, old and new).

They’re tasty too, sweet little nuggets of goodness that taste like candy and they make you smile even if you’re having a rough day. Sound familiar?

I’m thankful for the persimmons Janet sent me because she likes my blog;

and the warm lemon bread Jill gave me because she baked too much and thought we would enjoy it;

and the pickles Barb gave me just because;

and the fun, quirky gifts Katie hangs on my door;

and the cheerful “Yes!” I get to the proposal of any adventure from my friend Tami;

and the open invitation to swim in her pool Georgia issues every summer to me and my entire family;

and freshly tapped maple syrup from Jerry;

and the May Day baskets from Diane;

and the note from Dave and Laura;

and the generous workmanship of Tom;

and the way Pudge just cuts our paths at the cabin and adds gravel to our driveway when he thinks those things need to be done;

and the Tuesday nights with Amanda and Mark;

and the honey from my friend Ann;

and the immediate resumptions after way too long, the photowalks, bear hugs, laughter, deep conversation, long walks on short notice, great memories and gourmet dinners, cheeseburgers and chatter, Chihauhua Margaritas.

I’m grateful for my friends, man.

I’m grateful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I unboxed these beauties from my new friend Janet and they made my day. Persimmons, like friendship, have the power to do that,

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