Grandma Time

Grandma time passes as quickly as a sneeze, and it stands as still as an eyelash on a sleepy pink cheek.

It’s sweet like a New Jersey Mallomar, and tasty like a crisp deli dill.

It’s a soft, smushy matzo ball in a salty bowl of soup.

Grandma time whooshes away and bounces back, away and back, away and back like a playground swing.

It’s a peek and a boo; giraffes at a zoo; a skinna-ma-rinky dinky dink; an I love you.

Grandma time stands wobbly but so very proud. It’s a raspberry kiss and a laugh out loud.

It’s a smile that wiggles from big bright eyes to tiny toes.

It’s board books, and wheels on a bus that go round and round.

Grandma time is patty cake and bakers man.

It’s I can’t wait until I see you again.

We got to spend a weekend with our little New Jersey bagel and we had so much fun.
She loved the park swings.
…but maybe not the slide yet. (We’re in training for sled riding season.)
She is very proud of her two bottom teeth.
And she loves to play piano.
We got to ride the zoo train with her mom and dad.
And see some cool fish.
And eat a delicious pickle at a New Jersey deli.
And read some good books
Grandma time is watching the son you raised become a stellar dad, and feeling proud and all warm and mushy like a bowl of matzo ball soup.

4 thoughts on “Grandma Time

  1. There is no reply that can speak to the beauty of these pictures and the amount of human hopefulness that shines through that 2 tooth smile!

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