We’re Love-in it

We gathered coast-to-coast for yesterday’s season opener, a nervous bunch of long-time veteran fans and one adorable rookie.

And from Jersey to Seattle, we liked what we saw.

Scratch that, we Love-d it.

Jordan Love launched a new era in Titletown by beating our oldest rival, and he did it despite hamstring injuries knocking out his No. 1 receiver, slowing up his No. 2 receiver and sidelining his best running back for the last quarter of the game.

Margo, our newest little Packer fan, was especially impressed by that.

Much has been made about the Packers’ youth and, with an average age of 25, they are the youngest team in the NFL. But, Margo would like to point out that youth can be an asset, especially on a well-coached team.

So, here’s to Coach LaFleur, who had his young team well-prepared for their opening game and who called an impressive game.

And, here’s to Anders Carlson, whose 52-yard field goal looked like it could have sailed 10 more yards.

And to Aaron Jones, who didn’t even play in the fourth quarter and still scored two touchdowns, ran for 41 yards and caught two passes for 86 yards.

And to the Packer defense, who stopped the Bears on fourth and one of the opening drive to set the tone for the game. They sacked a slippery quarterback four times (with a special shout out to second-year linebacker Quay Walker, for his pick/six and to rookie linebacker Luke Van Ness for his sack). I also want to mention Darnell Savage, who led the defense yesterday with 10 tackles, five solo. This could be the start of a big year for him.

We know it’s just one game in a long, long season and that we’re going to have to clean up the penalties, get and stay healthy. But, we all really liked what we saw yesterday and we’re grateful for the win.

Go Pack Go!

Margo was pretty confident going into her first regular season Packer game. Go Mar-Go!
Though she did get a smidge nervous when Coach LaFleur decided to go for it in fourth down.
Our family cheered the Pack from coast-to-coast.
And from right here in Appleton.
We loved Quay Walker’s pick/six!
And we’re pretty excited to kick off the Love era. How about you?

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