Sprinting to the finish line of a Wisconsin summer

With a lingering to-do list and just days to spare, we sprinted to the finish line of our Wisconsin summer.

First, we needed to get to a beach.

“A real beach,” our five-year old sternly said. “One with waves and sand.”

We found just the place right where it has always been, calmly waiting for us to stop by and say hello. High Cliff State Park gave us everything we needed on a breezy, warm day.

The waves kept both the weekend crowds and the gross algae that can sometime plague that end of Lake Winnebago away, and we had a blast frolicking in that nice warm surf.

Two of us also built cute little sandcastles on a beach that offered just enough sand to build a suitable structure, but not enough to make the structure of our suits scratchy and uncomfortable.

High Cliff sits majestically on the Niagara Escarpment and it’s heading into its loveliest season. I dragged our group over to the tower so we could all enjoy the gorgeous view of the cliffs and the water, but two of us spotted a gorgeous view of a playground and one of us doesn’t enjoy heights, so I ended up with a private show up there above the tree line. I gave it a standing O.

The next day we knocked off another item on our to-do list by taking a boat ride around Green Lake, where we enjoyed two of Wisconsin’s greatest assets— its natural beauty and its hospitable people.

We snuck in some of our favorites that we’d already checked off our list — the farmer’s market, a river float and a couple of bouncy houses.

Today we’re headed to Suring for their famous Labor Day Parade.

As I have mentioned a time or 200, summer in Wisconsin is way too short, but it’s also incredibly beautiful.

We’re grateful every day to live here.

Happy Labor Day!

It seemed like we had Wisconsin’s largest inland lake to ourselves late Friday afternoon…
…until this intrepid fellow showed up to add even more color to a gorgeous summer day.
We had a great time in the water…
…building tiny sandcastles…
…and generally exhausting ourselves.
Lake Winnebago can be really beautiful on a late summer afternoon and even more so in the fall.
Here’s a shadow selfie of me at the top of this tower waving to absolutely no one because my whole party had abandoned me. I didn’t care. I love that view.
The next day we enjoyed a boat tour of Green Lake.
And we ended the day at our favorite place in the world. We hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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