Rolling on a river

Tina Turner scored a happy weekend for us as we welcomed summer by rolling down the river with our own proud Mary and the gang.

We “never do nothing easy though” and that river was cold! But, not as cold as the last time this particular group jumped in so we shook off the temporary numbness and had a blast.

It occurs to me that Memorial Day weekend, when we honor those who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy, comes on a weekend in which we usher in the season that celebrates the very best of those liberties — family, friends, sunshine, fresh air and the time to enjoy them all.

We’re kicking off the season with gratitude for the fun we know awaits us just around the river bend, for the people with whom we get to spend those days and for this fractious, beautiful country that offers so many opportunities in a season of sunshine and joy.

Happy Memorial Day weekend from all of us. We hope you get to go rolling down a river this summer too.

We had so much fun on the river this weekend!
It was a little chilly though.
I will always be grateful for every second I get to spend on this river and with these people and the rest of our gang.
I snuck out for an early evening float with Proud Mary (Molly) and Danni. Such a great way to end the day!
Happy Memorial Day with anticipation for the summer ahead and profound gratitude for the sacrifices that make all of those plans possible.

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