Lords of the fly swatters

The gift arrived so unexpectedly I almost tripped over it as I walked out the door last night.

“Hey guys!” I said, as I turned around and headed back in. “Want to help me open this box? I don’t know what it is. I don’t remember ordering anything.”

We shook it, of course.

Then, we opened it to reveal — fly swatters.

The crowd. went. wild and we read the note, “Please only use on bugs, not fairies or other invisible creatures. From, Margo.”

“We’ve never had fly swatters at this house before,” one of Margo’s young uncles said, and they divvied them up.

Their fascination with fly swatters stems from a video Margo’s dad Charlie posted of her playing with some multi-colored fly swatters. “Tell dad they’re all new,” Charlie said in the caption. “We won’t let her play with any used fly swatters.”

The whole thing fascinated Margo’s five-year old uncle and he sent back a video asking Margo where she got her fly swatters. She sent him an adorable picture touting her New Jersey connections.

The next thing we knew, five fly swatters arrived at our door.

I mean, that girl has connections! And two uncles who can’t wait to meet her.

Ironically, we also received two new books yesterday featuring a plucky hero named Fly Guy.

So, mere minutes after opening our surprise gift of swatters, we read about a a misunderstood fly who saves the day.

Happy Flyday everyone. Hope yours is as interesting as ours is shaping up to be.

How cute is this peanut with her fly swatters and New Jersey connections?
And how cool that these two uncles can connect with her in such a tangible way.
These learn-to-read books are really cute. Might make it hard to swat the flies though.

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