The loveliest of all

I’ve spent all of my adult life thinking everyone knew the words to the Irish Rover’s classic song, “The Unicorn.”

As it turns out, it was mostly just the crowd at Hegarty’s Pub on the Marquette campus back in the crazy 1980s.

Still that song made a great theme for our float at a very adorable St. Patrick’s Day parade Saturday afternoon in Stockholm.

A cold wind blew off the mighty Lake Pepin as we put the finishing touches on our low budget, high energy entry. I’d spent the week leading up to the parade teaching our theme song to our resident unicorn and green alligator and I pictured the crowd belting it along with us as we rolled past.

Green alligators and long-necked geese

Some humpty-back camels and some chimpanzees

Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you’re born

The loveliest of all was the unicorn.

Our unicorn even suggested, neigh (see what I did there?) insisted, that we all turn and point at him when we sang the line, “The loveliest of all was the unicorn.” Alas, the group sing turned into a solo as soon as the parade started as our unicorn and green alligator became too preoccupied with the important work of firing candy at spectators to sing a note.

Two people in the crowd who did know the words sang them enthusiastically though, which was reassuring each of the three times we past them.

And we had a blast rolling down Main Street bantering with a group of people that were as kind as they were fun and so hearty! The road rose to meet us, but the wind was definitely not at our backs and the sun had a little trouble smiling warmly upon our faces.

After the parade (three loops around town) we hung out for a while at the Humble Moon Saloon for some of the best Reuben Sandwiches we’ve ever had, some live music, hot drinks, competitive checkers and an all-around great time.

I’ve written before about Stockholm, Wisconsin, home of one of the country’s best pie shops. I can’t stress enough how amazing that little town full of artists is.

We already can’t wait for our next visit.

The population of Stockholm stands at 78, which is amazing given how their Main Street bustles.
Molly and Vinnie helped corral our unicorn and green alligator. Our eponymous sign became epic when the alligator added his artwork. I just think it’s hilarious that so few people had heard of the song that inspired our parade entry. If you don’t know the song it probably seems a little odd to have a unicorn and a green alligator on a St. Patrick’s Day float.
Our alligator is an excellent artist.
Those little traitors never sang a word but they sure had fun pelting candy at the crowd.
They might have been a little confused by our entry, but the hearty crowd clapped kindly for us anyway…all three times we passed.
Only 25 percent of this foursome belted out our theme song, but I love them anyway.
I don’t know this lass but she knew the words to our song and I feel like we bonded over our enthusiasm for the lyrics.
A view of the very cute parade just before we made our first turn.
Then we went inside the Humble Moon Saloon where our little unicorn took on all comers in checkers.
Vinnie and Sarah, who is co-owner of the saloon along with her husband…
…Dan. They threw a great family-friendy party and we all had a wonderful time.
Until next time, Stockholm!

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  1. LOVE “The Unicorn” song!! And after reading your title, have been whistling or singing all day! Thanks for the great memories!

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