A bustling, koselig village on Wisconsin’s West Coast

It takes a bit of effort to get to Stockholm, Wisconsin (just ask Swedish Explorer Erik Petterson, who climbed a bluff to get there back in 1856).

But, once you arrive, all 76 residents of that beautiful little village will make sure your visit is worth your while.

In fact, you can while away in a wide variety of shops, restaurants and bars, enjoying tasty treats and artisan gifts.

Per capita, Stockholm has to be the busiest, friendliest, tastiest, most artistic, prettiest piece of real estate on earth.

We spent a surprisingly busy Small Business Saturday there and came away thoroughly charmed and really, really full.

We ate lunch at the world famous Stockholm Pie and General Store, which features flaky-crusted pies, creative sandwiches, salads and soups. Vinnie ordered “the Memphis”, a crazy concoction of peanut butter, bacon, whipped cream and maple chipotle sauce grilled on rye bread. I had the more traditional homemade chicken salad wrap. Both were really good!

We worked off our heavy lunch (topped off by pies, naturally) by making our way through the Stockholm shopping district, including Hugga Bugga, Indigo Swan, Iris and Oak, Scandihoo, the Palate and Sandy’s Clothing and Art.

A lot of those stores featured hand-crafted items made with ingredients from around the area – jewelry crafted from Lake Pepin stones, sweaters knit with locally spun yarn, food cooked with farm eggs and cheeses. 

We wrapped up our expedition with a self-guided tour through the Stockholm Museum and a homemade Bloody Mary at the Humble Moon Saloon, owned by the charming and talented Dan and Sarah. We brought home a jar of Dan’s homemade hot honey mustard and, since then, I have actually been planning our meals around that tasty jar of goodness.

I’m already planning a return visit to Stockholm, which is located on the banks of Lake Pepin, just south of Maiden Rock (about four hours due west of Appleton). I don’t think I’ll make it back for God Jul – a Swedish Family Christmas, or the Fire of Stockholm Winter Solstice festival. But, I’d love to attend one of the Humble Moon’s Open Mike Night and I’m definitely penciling in the third annual Scandihootenanny.

Let’s go!

The road to Stockholm winds around the edge of Lake Pepin in the gorgeous driftless area of Wisconsin.
Vince and Vinnie color coordinated themselves with the beach.
Stockholm Pie is a delicious little Midwestern mecca for foodies.
It’s both a throwback to less complicated times, and a hotbed of innovation.
Like this grilled bacon and peanut butter sandwich with homemade whipped cream and maple chipotle sauce.
We highly recommend.
One block up from the main street, you’ll find this Driftless Cultural Center and the Stockholm Museum. Among its 76 residents, the village boasts an impressive amount of artists…
…like Sarah and Dan. We loved their Humble Moon Saloon.
For the holiday season, you can wrap up in a cozy blanker thoughtfully folded on the back of the saloon chairs.
And enjoy a housemade Bloody Mary.

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