Author! Grand Author!

I’ve known one author most of my life and the other all of hers, so when I learned that Julie Olson and her granddaughter Colleen Cline wrote a book, I bought it immediately.

I’m so glad I did.

“Can She Hear This Cat’s Meow?” offers Colleen’s reflections on growing up with a grandma (and best friend) who has hearing loss. The kid-to-kid perspective makes the book an easy read and Colleen’s illustrations add an appealing charm.

The book not only acts as a primer for how to communicate more easily with a person who has hearing loss, it also gives great tips for how to protect ears against damage from surrounding and ubiquitous “noise monsters”.

The relationship between the two forms the heart of the story and each benefits from the wisdom and talents of the other. Colleen learns to read before her first day of kindergarten thanks to the time she spent with her grandma and the close captioning that scrolled on the television shows they watched.

When Colleen became the lead singer of an award-winning rock band, her grandma sent her to an audiologist to be fitted with high quality musician’s ear plugs.

The book also does a great job explaining the technology and support available to people who develop varying degrees of hearing loss.

I hope this book finds its way to library shelves and classrooms all over the country.

You can get yours on Amazon right now!

Congratulations to my friends Julie and Colleen on an excellent book!

I am currently in the middle of a road trip and I passed a few dicey miles yesterday reading this excellent book.

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