To a good egg on our 36th anniversary

I thought my husband might be a little irritated with me when I didn’t follow him into the fray this past Saturday morning. Our two little early risers had scrambled through the dark to get to our room, rubbing their eyes and asking, “Is it morning yet?”

Technically, it was, though the sun wouldn’t rise for more than two hours.

Vince got up and and took them downstairs to get them breakfast and organize their day. I rolled back over and thought about how deliciously comfortable pillows and blankets can be on cold winter mornings.

Shamelessly, I snuggled in and began the important work of figuring out the day’s Wordle.

Another spouse might have groused a little at my lassitude. Mine made me strawberry pancakes and hauled them up to me so I could eat them in bed.

For nearly four decades he’s been that way, the guy who will reach his hand into my farm boots before I pull them on to make sure no critters have nested there; warm up all the cars in the driveway on frigid winter mornings; retrieve my phone without comment when I’ve misplaced it for the millionth time.

He’s a good egg.

Yesterday we celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary and talked about how good these years have been. We’ve learned that the most special times are the ordinary ones — cracking up because someone in our house said or did something hilarious; setting the table for family dinner; road tripping to nowhere but enjoying the ride; grilling salmon in the middle of the week; taking a random run down the sled hill across the street.

Vince played sheepshead yesterday afternoon in a group that included a man who had been married for 73 years.

So, now we have a record to break.

Our family has expanded in all kinds of wonderful ways since we launched that ship in 1987. Here are the original sailors on the night before Charlie and Tara’s wedding, earlier this year.
Sometimes, in marriages and Packer seasons, you just have to believe.

15 thoughts on “To a good egg on our 36th anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary Laura and Vince! May you be blessed with many, many more beautiful ‘ordinary’ days.

  2. Happy anniversary Laura and Vince! The Lord has blessed you in so many ways! May those blessings continue for many years to come. I know there is a special additional blessing coming soon. Love to you both and your wonderful family.

  3. Happy anniversary Laura and Vince! You have been truly blessed with a wonderful family. Count all your blessings and another blessing will be arriving soon! Congratulations for 36 wonderful years of love, laughter, joy and tears and days full of love!

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