If a tree falls in Maiden Rock

Yesterday, just moments after our daughter in-law Danni took a picture of the beautiful, snowy landscape surrounding their new home, a tree came crashing down beside her.

Neither she nor the house sustained any damage, but, still, a big tree lay there, sprawled out across their lawn.

Fortunately, they live in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin, just a few miles north of the coziest town in America. I think you’ll be glad to know that places like Maiden Rock, and people like Dan Prokosch, exist in this old world.

Because shortly after Vinnie alerted us all to the incident via the family text chain (and Molly informed us all that it was a walnut tree and that walnut trees are excellent sources for woodworking), Dan showed up with his trusty chain saw to help remove the tree.

Co-owner of the Humble Moon Saloon, Dan is a multi-talented and very busy man. He and his wife Sarah run this really charming saloon in Stockholm, Wisconsin. They renovated an old Texaco gas station into an appealing gathering place that is a music venue, restaurant, general store and bar all rolled into one.

It takes a lot of work to run a successful saloon, especially if you do all the cooking, bartending, managing, cleaning, renovating, marketing, talent management and decorating yourself. Dan and Sarah are also raising their four kids in a home on the property and they heat their house with wood.

Naturally, we all assumed Dan would take the wood (and be welcome to it) when he finished breaking that tree down. But , no, he refused to take anything in return for his favor, not even any of the wood. He just helped them stack it neatly and then went on his merry way.

He said he was just doing them a favor and favors don’t need to be repaid.

Just as Vinnie and Danni were digesting the kindness of that particular neighbor, another one stopped by and plowed their driveway without even being asked.

Pepin County is home to some of the most beautiful real estate in Wisconsin. It’s good to know it’s home to some beautiful people as well.

Moments after Danni took this picture of their backyard glistening in the beautiful snow…
…this tree came crashing down in front of her.
Fortunately, neither she nor the house sustained any damage.
But that was a good sized tree sprawling there across their yard.
We had barely caught up on the text chain, when Dan showed up with a chain (saw) of his own.
He refused to take any of that gorgeous walnut wood.
No sooner had he left, then another neighbor showed up, unannounced, to plow out Vinnie and Danni’s driveway. When I first saw Vinnie and Danni’s new house, I wondered what winters would be like in that gorgeous but somewhat isolated area along Lake Pepin. Looks like it’s going to be toasty warm.

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  1. Beautiful angels among us Laura. Thankful for no damage to their house!
    Christmas blessings 🎄♥️🎄♥️🎄

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