A Thanksgiving sunset over Lake Harriet

The sun set brilliantly over Lake Harriet yesterday as we took a brisk post-meal, pre-dessert walk.

I am grateful for beautiful sunsets and people who appreciate them as much as I do.

I am also grateful for a quirky daughter who set brilliantly the dinner table in her Minnesota apartment with astonishingly delicious, mostly foraged food.

And how about sons who, with their partners, set brilliantly the standard for respect, productivity, empathy and humor that make marriage such a joy?

I’m grateful for in-laws who set brilliantly a precedence for relationships in which family members become valued friends and holiday tables become circles of joy.

As the beauty of this Thanksgiving sets brilliantly in, I wish you all a holiday season full of laughter, love, family, friendship and beautiful sunsets.

The sun set brilliantly over Lake Harriet yesterday.
Molly also set brilliantly the tables in her apartment. She cooked this bird over hickory bark foraged from Appleton. It was her best turkey yet.
A quick shot of some of the kitchen crew. Some of them set brilliantly an example for how delicious a meal can be when everyone makes their specialties , and others set brilliantly their tea mugs down to take this shot because our real job was keeping the cooks company.
So grateful every year for this group of fine people who set brilliantly the standard for a widely defined family (and for all of the other family members who phoned and FaceTimed as part of the celebration).

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