See you Sunday at Lambeau

Listen, I’m going to be at Lambeau on Sunday, holding my own in Section 117 and cheering on a team I’ve loved for all my life.

While I can’t unsee that failed play in which David Bakhtiari, wearer of “the sexiest number in football” and owner of the fragilest knee, reported as an eligible receiver and then hobbled into the end zone as an actual target, I’m still a fan.

As a fan of the franchise, I’m going to support this team.

Maybe you young Packer fans, who have not experienced a season like this, might be wondering where we go from here.

Well, I’ll tell you. We go on, one game at a time, and we hope our friend Big Mo finds us at some point so we can turn this thing around. All we really need is a little momentum….and some healthy players.

In the meantime, we show up every week and we hope for a win.

It really is as simple as that.

When you don’t have a win streak going and your playoff hopes start to look a little dim, you start fresh every week. You grill the brats, sport the colors, cheer.

You look for pockets of optimism and build from there.

The Packers haven’t won fewer than three games in a season since 1958.

Maybe, they’ll find their groove Sunday at Lambeau.

I sure hope so.

Go Pack Go!

I’ve been a Packer fan all my life.
And I’ve sat through some miserable games at Lambeau.
But I still believe!
Loved this text from Molly on the family chain…
..and seeing this guy on the Packer/Cowboy game promo.

2 thoughts on “See you Sunday at Lambeau

  1. Yep!! Experienced those lean years before, and this might be another, but as long as the Pack fight and work hard every play, we’ll get through this. Go Pack!!

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