The seven-hour vacation

Sometimes, all you need is a little sunset on the beach, some pool time and a couple of rounds against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to recharge your batteries.

That’s what we discovered last week when we drove 44 miles and spent seven-waking hours on a spontaneous, midweek vacation.

Lucky for us, that fickle Wisconsin weather showed up in spectacular fashion. So warm was the November sun that we dipped our feet in Elkhart Lake, buried them in the warm sand and watched a fishing boat make its slow, satisfying crawl across the horizon. What a beautiful evening!

The drive was far enough, our time away was long enough, the sand soft enough and the sunset slow enough that we all felt like we’d been somewhere exotic.

And it was only oneThursday night.

I love quick little vacations like that.

Yesterday morning, just as I swung my jammied feet over to roll out of bed, my husband showed up with a tray of homemade pancakes and a large mug of tea for me.

“What’s this?” I asked delightedly.

“Well, I read the Pancake Book last night so I had to make some pancakes this morning.”

“How lucky for me!” I said as I tucked myself back in bed and enjoyed the unexpected repaste. That delicious little vacation only lasted about 15 minutes, but it was enough to send me out into my Tuesday with a Saturday swing in my step.

As we head into the busiest, most stressful stretch of the year, I recommend treating yourself or someone you love to a quick little vacation. Poke your head out of your house for a little while to get a breath of fresh air. Take a solo drive and listen to your favorite tunes. (I recently surreptitiously moved the speaker sound up and to the driver’s side of our car so I could enjoy my music while the little people in the backseat argued with each other in peace. It was a nice little vacation for all of us. Especially me and my old buddy Kris Kristofferson.)

If you feel a little fed up with the world, take yourself on a mini vacay.

Have dinner with a friend.

Do some yoga.

See a movie.

Take a road trip.


Facetime your kid.

Happy travels!

We spent one Thursday night at the Osthoff in Elkhart Lake and it felt like a vacation for all of us.
The sunset warmed our hearts and the sand warmed our feet. Such a surprise for a November evening in Wisconsin!
We had the beach to ourselves too!
A little bit of summer that lingered into fall.
You guys! He hid chocolate chips in the middle of those fluffy pancakes! Such a nice little gastronomic getaway!

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