Guardian angels and a whistle stop chair

Yesterday, I spotted a small, pink, easy chair randomly resting along a train track and it set my mind wandering.

Had a rogue band of toddlers left it there after a raucous night of raspberry blowing and mud pie making following their coordinated escape from various cribs around the city?

Too close to the tracks, I decided.

I circled back, took another look and, from that angle with the sun shining on it just right, the chair’s purpose became obvious.

It’s a resting spot for guardian angels.

Imagine how busy they’ve been these past few years, whipping around the world to guide people gently through these stressful times, whispering encouragement to one struggling soul, only to hear a distress call from another. Such exhausting, necessary work!

I’ll bet they’ve stashed various accoutrements in unlikely places where, unnoticed, they can collect their thoughts and marshall their emotional resources. Maybe they even chat a little in passing as one rises gracefully to float off into the night and the other arrives bleary-eyed and concerned.

“Rough night?”

“Not great!”

“Rest up, friend. Tomorrow will be better.”

“Fly safe!”

I have a long list of people I care about and I’d like to think there’s a guardian angel out there for every one of them, nudging them in the right direction, comforting them when I can’t and healing them from all their ailments.

It’s a lot to ask.

I fluffed up the pillowy seat of that pink chair.

Tomorrow, I may bring it a cold drink.

At first I thought this pink chair sitting randomly next to the railroad tracks had been left there by a merry band of rogue toddlers.
Then I saw it from another angle and it dawned on me that this was a whistle stop for guardian angels, who have been incredibly busy these past few years.
I saw this on a curb just down the hill from the chair and I also wondered what set of circumstances would lead one to lose a large pair of flip flops and a formal tie. I’m thinking someone’s guardian angel had her hands full with this one.
So, now I’m spotting angels everywhere and offering them a celestial high five. You’ve got this, man. Go get ’em!

6 thoughts on “Guardian angels and a whistle stop chair

  1. My guardian angels name is Clarence, and I pray to him ( or her) and thank him ( or her) every day!

    1. I know a pretty famous angel named Clarence. I’m glad yours is doing such a good job for you and your family. ❤

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