Wisconsin and the amazing technicolor season

Seasons don’t mess around here in Wisconsin.

They either show up to play, or they sit the bench.

Spring, for instance, redshirted this year and we jumped right into summer, which is a glorious development, if you ask me.

I like to think of summer as the Giannis of seasons, the kind you revel in because you know you’re seeing greatness and you don’t want to miss a second.

It seems like a slow-rolling, technicolor miracle every year and I am always so thrilled to welcome all that lush beauty home.

We Midwesterners muck around like Dorothy at her sepia farm for most of the winter and then, all of a sudden, we all open our front doors to Oz – daffodils, tulips, trillium, apple blossoms, bleeding hearts and those pretty purple flowers that have taken over everyone’s No-Mow-May lawns.

During our technicolor seasons, I can’t believe how lucky we are to live in this beautiful state (which is not necessarily my attitude when the April winds whip across my face and I skid down the sidewalk on stubborn patches of ice.)

Summer, though? Well, there’s nothing like it.

I treated myself to a nice long walk Saturday afternoon (midway through which a nice man at RxLink Pharmacy gave me a couple of bandaids for my pre-season sandal blisters).

I also enjoyed some time Up North this weekend, where the ground is a little soggy but the sunsets are spectacular.

Here’s a little peak at Wisconsin’s amazing technicolor season and the good news is it’s just getting started.

In a way, this is cheating but I could not pass up this very Wisconsin picture and its primary spring colors.
The trees are finally budding.
And the apple trees are blossoming.
I stood under a crab apple tree Saturday and shot this picture.
Ahh, the lovely Daffodil sisters — at once beautiful and hardy. Welcome back, friends!
Bluebells I believe?
Bleeding hearts, worthy little bundles of empathy. Welcome home.
I love summer.
I loved the golden hour sunset colors of this front porch and…
…I always love a lingering sunset over Shawano Lake. (I don’t know the person sitting there. I just liked this tableau.)
My husband VInce took this shot of me shooting the sunset. Don’t tell him but I think his shot might be better than mine. In any case, it’s really going to be a beautiful summer. Let’s go!

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