Lightning makes friends

I live in a house full of artists and story tellers. It’s an enviable place to be.

We wrap up each day with a round of stories — books first and then the awesome oral ones. We are currently making our way through a magic garden, where a Venus Fly Trap shares ground with a cactus and a giant pine tree and they’re all tended to by a group of stuffies come to life.

Often, bedtime is my favorite time of day.

Earlier this week, the boys and I turned a stormy discussion into a book. It’s a little bit about lightning and a lot about how to make friends.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it.

May is National Foster Care Month. There is a tremendous need for foster families and advocates. If you’d like information about you can help, please contact me or your county’s Children, Youth and Family Services Department.

(I am redacting my writing partners’ names because, though they may become famous for their art someday, right now we’re very interested in helping them enjoy their childhood.)

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