Good for the Solstice

The older I get the more I appreciate the winter solstice.

I love that it arrives so early in winter and offers us such a consistent example of hope. Before we even get a chance to get frustrated by the ice and wind, we already know it won’t last. The temperature may dip low, but the daylight inches forward, a steady soldier marching toward spring.

I think anytime we find ourselves fighting our way though a dark time, we should remember the longest night of the year because each day after it brings us a little more light.

This morning, the light stretched a little further across the sky and each dawn that follows will last just a little bit more.

I really love that.

This solstice is good for the soul.

I took this picture on Nov. 20 just before 5 p.m. I am looking forward to June when I can get this same view four hours later in the day.
In some ways, it’s just a matter of perspctive. But, really, that sunlight makes everything better.
My husband Vince sent me the following three pictures yesterday when I asked if he had any pictures of the sun. Here is a sunrise picture he sent.
Here is a sunset picture he sent.
And here is his classic Wisconsin Sun Drop picture. Ha ha.

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