Skating at Stonehenge on the Solstice Eve

I treated myself to a little winter yesterday, and it felt cool and sweet, like a fat snowflake on a stuck-out tongue.

The whole thing happened spontaneously, as I walked home from work and realized our blustery winter had turned beautiful.

I’d heard that Appleton had added an ice rink, to make up for the two currently under construction, and I wanted to check it out. So, I dug out my old skates and headed over.

The late afternoon sun lit the Pierce Park Pavilion perfectly and, for a moment or two, I stood and watched a young hockey player skate laps around the cool indoor/outdoor rink.

“How’s the ice?” I asked as I hurried to lace up my skates, anxious to jump on.

“Not bad,” he said. “But I wish I’d brought my shovel to clear it off.”

We had the whole rink to ourselves, the hockey player and I, and we shared it politely. He aimed his shots away from me, and I held to the outside lane, skating laps with increasing glee.

I turned my face toward the sun and watched its shadows stretch across the ice. With its regal row of arches, the pavilion began to look a little like Stonehenge, which seemed appropriate for the Solstice Eve.

Today marks the first day of winter and the longest night of the year. There are plenty of cool winter activities I’ve yet to get to this year. I’m looking forward to snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, sled riding, and walking in a winter wonderland.

And, I’m definitely going skating again.

How are you planning to celebrate this winter?

The pavilion arches looked almost medieval in the late afternoon sun, and made Pierce Park the perfect place to celebrate Winter Solstice’s eve.
A young hockey player, who later told me his name was Jonathon, and I had the rink all to ourselves. It was glorious.
I loved the play of lines on the pillars and the ice.
Here’s a shadow selfie of me, just before my big triple toe loop. Ha!
I spent a beautiful afternoon on the rink and worked up a nice sweat under my two layers of scarves. If you’re able, I highly recommend a trip to the rink. I can’t wait to see what it looks like all lit up under the stars. Thank you, once again, Appleton for another cool activity that doesn’t cost anything but time.

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  1. Laura, I have admired your photography for a long time, but these photos are just over the top. Thank you for sharing.

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