A warm-your-heart kind of Halloween

On a rather blustery day, when the wind was lashing lustily and the trees were thrashing thrustily and the leaves were rustling gustily, we visited with the most wonderful collection of Tiggers, princesses, aliens, butterflies, zombies, ghostbusters and pirates.

It was a magical Halloween, indeed.

You guys! A tiny trio of Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen from White Christmas came to my house! Our neighbors rock.

I noticed that the skull on a clever young person’s skeleton costume actually bled, which was both creepy and cool. Then, I later learned that the kid wearing that costume was my young-at-heart friend Katie, which made it even cooler.

My favorite treat was an unexpected pop-in from Molly, who swung by on her way back to Minneapolis and stayed to hand out candy for a little while.

As the wind whipped up yesterday afternoon, we discussed strategies for getting rid of all the extra candy we figured we’d have. But, Wisconsin trick-or-treaters amaze us every year with their hardiness and determination to have some fun. In the end, we almost ran out of candy and had to dump our tailgate stash into the bowl.

It was a glorious Halloween in our neck of the woods. I hope it was in yours as well.

Every year I ask if I can take pictures, and every year our trick or treaters (and their parents) happily oblige. So, here’s a little taste of Halloween at our house last night.

Chewbaca, an ice princess and Captain America.
Come on! Maverick and Goose came calling! (Along with an evil ram?)
Molly (AKA Louise from Bob’s Burgers) stayed very busy during the hour she was home. She had a blast.
You can’t see his shirt, but this trio is a perfect, buffalo-plaided Netflix and Chill. I loved it!
A beautiful Zombie and a her cohorts.
A festive snow queen.
Baby shark and a Ghost Buster.
I thought that bleeding skeleton was a kid, but it turned out to be my kid-at-heart friend Katie.
How cute is that tiny dinasaur running to keep up. It was a busy, fun night in our hood.
My heart! It’s the Haynes Sisters and Bob Wallace from White Christmas. Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen had fans too, but their pillowcase candy bags are obscuring them.
Another shot of the impossibly adorable Bing (our neighbor August). He’s a very dapper, elegant guy for being smaller than the pumpkin on our porch.
The parents dressed up too. This dad’s a very timely human hand sanitizer.
Makeup is half the fun.
Our first trick or treaters of the day. How fun!
Look at this adorable baby! And this clever crocodile costume.
A not so cowardly super cute lion.
I mean, look at this family! (They finished dad’s costume just in time. He said it wasn’t heavy and it handled the wind just fine.)
Jack Sparrow! Wednesday! And a pretty butterfly.
Trick or Treat!
A whole slew of aliens and Harrison Smith.
Monarch butterflies are beautiful.

3 thoughts on “A warm-your-heart kind of Halloween

  1. Such creativity!! My favorite was the Haynes Sisters and Bob Wallace — my favorite Christmas movie!! I took our neighborhood too, but only posted on our Subdivision page.. need to get with parents for permission to go public. I cracked up when 3 came up the stairs and stood there. I said, “What do you say for the candy?” And one said, “Happy Halloween?”

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