Love Sydney (Part Two)

It’s been a Sydney kind of week here at action central, where we bonded with both a golden doodle and a highly energetic fitness trainer.

I met Sydney Cummings through my wingman Google after a crazy “at home bootcamp” search with the subtext “perfect workout for an accidental lounger about to turn 57 who really needs to get back in shape.”

Sydney popped up and she did not disappoint. I started with her No Equipment Needed 45 Minute Low Impact HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout and felt a little out of breath just reading that title out loud. But I really love circuit workouts. They keep me moving and I don’t get bored.

I also don’t really want to think when I’m working out, so I love someone telling me exactly what to do.

And, I miss my early morning boot camps.

So, I gave Sydney a whirl. Our 45 minutes together passed very quickly and enjoyably. I sampled a few of her other videos and started to feel that familiar and very welcome morning soreness that follows two days after an excellent workout. This week, I committed to her 30-day SHRED challenge and corralled a few family members to join me.

We are four days in and I have been looking forward to each workout, which are posted every morning at 4 a.m. CST. (I don’t get to them until a few hours later).

Sydney’s story is one of determination and love. A former Division I track athlete who qualified for nationals in high jump, Sydney lost her only brother in an ATV accident four years ago and emerged from that horrible tragedy with a renewed sense of purpose. She took a risk and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to become a trainer and has built an empire with 1.05 million subscribers to her YouTube channel (including me).

In 2019, she survived a gunshot wound that shattered her right heel, and, again, used that setback to motivate her even more. She and her fiancee/business partner Dustin are determined to offer free fitness opportunities to anyone who is willing to put in the time (and has an Internet connection).

On good weather days, I use the space between my house and garage as my personal gym. I perch my laptop on the concrete steps and have a perfect spot for a circuit workout.

On bad weather days, like yesterday, I use my dining room, where I have plenty of room but have to be careful not to knock my head into the chandelier. (Listen, I once saw a man blow his nose into his sweat towel and then use that towel to wipe down the equipment he was using in a public gym so I’m willing to put up with some home gym inconveniences for a little while longer.)

I’m very grateful to Sydney for the enthusiasm with which she approaches her job. She ends each workout with a cool down and an inspirational pep talk so you can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s workout will be.

We’re on day five today, but she has hundreds of other workout videos on her site if you’re looking for a little extra motivation but you don’t want to do the 30-day program.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a dining room table to push aside and some mats and free weights to prepare.

This is today’s workout.

Let’s go!

Apparently, I’m going to look just like this come May.
This was Sydney greeting me yesterday. We had a great workout and I think she really likes me.
This is my dining room gym. It is not ideal and my hard wood floors really did not like the jump rope but, other than that, it worked great.
This is a better space. It’s perfectly wind blocked and I can check my form in the window reflection.

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