Friday Faves — Pizza, a Little Drummer and a birthday boy

Generally, I spend the day after Thanksgiving digesting a giant meal, hauling out the holly and singing Christmas carols along with my friends Bing Crosby, Kenny Rogers and Amy Grant.

This year, I’m adding a couple of tunes to the playlist and my needle seems to be stuck on one in particular. Have you heard Carrie Underwood’s duet with her five-year old son Isaiah Fisher? The Little Drummer Boy? My heart! Everytime I listen I think about how sweetly that little cherub delivers the line, “I played my best for him…” and how, in that moment, he IS the drummer boy, offering the best part of himself to baby Jesus and the rest of this old world.

I recommend the whole album, of course, but I challenge you to listen to the Little Drummer Boy and not feel a little better about life.

And speaking of feeling better about life..

We’re celebrating a birthday in this house today. My friend Joseph turns 19 and, while the birthday party might be subdued by the restrictions we’re all facing during this historic year, the birthday boy will be anything but. “Let’s go!” is his favorite phrase and he navigates life such a natural optimism you can’t help but smile when you see him bounce into the room. Joseph loves life and, even though that relationship hasn’t always been reciprocal, he stays true to his irrepressible spirit and bounces back with admirable determination.

Here’s to him and to all 19-year olds rushing headlong into adulthood while, hopefully, savoring this last gasp of childhood.

And speaking of savoring…

Joseph and I treated ourselves to some delicious food last Sunday in honor of the Packer game and courtesy of our friends Joe and Jean Santonato and their excellent pizzeria San Rocco’s. We ordered way too much food, which was lucky for everyone else who got to enjoy leftovers the next day.

Joseph ordered the foot-long Italian sub and it came exactly as he requested. He can be particular (loathes onions, prefers American cheese to provolone), and he said it was delicious. I ordered the barbecue chicken pizza and, while I’m generally more of a thin crust pizza fan, I really liked this pizza. The dough was airy inside and crunchy on the outside and, thank goodness because I really, really ordered too much pizza, it heated up really well the next day.

So, if you see the birthday boy today, give him a shout out because he’s been looking forward to his big day for a long, long time (nearly 365 days!). And, if you hear the Drummer Boy and it moves you like it did me, let me know. Lastly, if you have a taste for pizza, subs or wings, I highly recommend San Rocco’s.

Here is the Little Drummer Boy:

Here is the birthday boy:

And this is the birthday boy last night at Houdini Plaza. Let’s go!
This is the delicious accidentally giant pizza I ordered from San Rocco’s last Sunday.
And this is half of Joseph’s Italian Sausage sub, which turned out to be exactly as he liked it.

6 thoughts on “Friday Faves — Pizza, a Little Drummer and a birthday boy

  1. Gail and I absolutely loved Little Drummer Boy. We love Carrie and she has to have tears in her eyes when her son is singing it. She’s a farm girl, but somehow I don’t see her piling bales. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I don’t know, Bob. The farm girls I know are excellent multi-taskers. I bet she’s piled a bale or two in life. 🙂

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