International Day of Peace

Sr. Winifred wasn’t the nicest teacher I’ve ever had. She booted my 10-year old self from piano lessons permanently because she said I wasn’t practicing enough, which I found terribly insulting (even if it was true).

But, she taught me and my hooligan classmates to sing a simple round that sounded so beautiful when we all leaned in that my sullen heart soared every time.

Shalom my good friends. Shalom my good friends. Shalom. Shalom. May peace be with you. May peace be with you. Shalom. Shaaaalom. Shalom.

Do you know it? I hope you do.

Because today is International Day of Peace and I keep thinking about how lovely it would be if, just for today, we could all join our voices to sing a round around the world.

I know we have battles ahead and really important issues on which we’re never going to agree. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t treat ourselves to at least one day of peace.

Somehow, in this jangle of a year, as we juggle politics, pandemics and apparent plagues, we’ve got to allow ourselves a few moments of honest peace.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, you might find a rythmn of peace in the waves crashing against the shore.

Or, of you’re a morning person, you might treat yourself to the peaceful, optimistic stretch of a sunrise. You could enjoy some peaceful moments on a long walk, or a porch swing, in a good book, or the Good Book,, though a deep, cleansing breath, some garden work, a ball toss with a furry friend, a bubble bath, a sweet memory, a cup of Joe, a slow rock in a favorite chair.

You could find magic in the shape of a cloud, watch a squirrel dance, listen to geese honk, or children play, or dogs bark, or the last summer wind bend blades of grass.

We won’t lose momentum, or our place in line, or an argument we started weeks ago if we just take a few moments today to enjoy and encourage peace.

I got a jumpstart on my International Day of Peace celebration by taking a long walk yesterday. Color season is just getting started here, and my peaceful walks are only going to get prettier.

For now, though, I’m sharing a few pictures in the hopes that they will bring you peace.

Shalom, my good friends.

I don’t t know who owns this purple bike or why it was parked along this river bank, but I thought it made a nice contrast to all the colors around it and the whole scene whispered peace.
Peace on each side and churning waters in between. Seems kind of familiar, no?
The first tree to turn is always poignantly beautiful, especially when it has a picnic table beneath its branches.
All those fall colors are just waiting to burst forth. It’s going to be a glorious stretch.
The golden hour.
This view always looks like a secret to me.
I included this for my friends Deb and Steve because they told me they once looked all over Appleton for a staircase I posted. I’m going to sneak a few in for them to search out from time to time.

Now, these words aren’t exactly as I remember them, but I think this version will do quite nicely. Listen, friends, and then we’ll all sing along. May peace be with you.

6 thoughts on “International Day of Peace

  1. Shalom to you, dear Laura.
    Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.
    Que haya paz en la tierra y que comience conmigo.

  2. I don’t remember Sister Winifred but I do remember that song. I plan to enjoy a peaceful walk today. I’ll be humming along the way.

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