Hello Newman

My friend Cathy is creative, compassionate and, like a lot of us these days, confined. As a result, she’s gone a little squirrelly.

She and her occasionally ornery friend Newman have provided all of us with a delightful distraction from all the angst 2020 has wrought.

“This is Newman,” she posted one day. “He is really mad today, I stuffed steel wool in the hole in our house he has chewed and put a squirrel cone on the feeders. He has been thwarted today. I hear him out there yelling.”

Truthfully, Newman could have been any one of us that day, with his COVID hair sticking up all over the place and his absolute fury so very evident.

Cathy extended a peace offering in the way of a few peanuts and Newman, still miffed but also a little hungry, swallowed his pride and a few peanuts and scurried his stuffed-cheek self away.

Sensing a possibility for a genuine reconciliation, Cathy upped the ante. She built Newman his own picnic table and served him his peanuts on it. Obviously.

Newman, dignity restored, dined in rightful splendor for a few days, until the neighborhood bully showed up, an arrogant blue jay, and tried to shove poor Newman aside. They bickered a bit and then seemed to come to a detente. In any case, Newman emerged unscathed.

Having witnessed the ugly scene, Cathy a gifted poor Newman with a shopping cart to collect his nuts and the squirrel happily obliged.

In the ensuing days, she provided him various thematic and amusing backdrops, and a few less contentious companions, including Spongebob and Barbie.

Recently, Newman, feisty champion of the hood, left Cathy another surprise and one that only increased that character’s lore.

Turns out, Newman might not be a boar afterall, she could be a sow and a mother at that!

Welcome to the world, Baby Newman.

We can’t wait to watch you grow.

(You can follow Newman on Instagram at Newmanthesquirrel). In the meantime, here are some pictures to make your Wednesday a little more fun.

This is what Newman looked like on that first day, a perfect picture of 2020’s sound, fury and Covid hair. I love those cute little clenched fists.
But, my friend Cathy coaxed Newman back to good humor with a picnic table and snicker snacks.
It was all going well for young Newman until…
The neighborhood bully arrived.
Don’t be distracted by the gorgeous feathers, these birds are mean.
So, Cathy found Newman a cute little grocery cart.
Dignity restored.
She also invited a friend or two to share the table.
Including Barbie.
In time, Newman traveled through space.
And posed with the Great Pumpkin.
And navigated among some Thanksgiving friends as well.
Newman was impressive enough as a squirrel out there foraging on his own. But, then we learned he might not be a he at all. AND, Newman could very well be a mom. Hang in there little peanut wandering around Cathy’s deck. We’re anxious to watch you grow.

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