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I display an enviable collection of heART throughout my home and office space.

In fact, if you walk by my house you’ll see two of my recent acquisitions on display in our large family room window. Another owns an apparently permanent spot on my refrigerator and the real vintage pieces (dating all the way back to the 80s) hang proudly on my bedroom walls.

You might call me something of a heART connoisseur. I appreciate sincerity of purpose and the boldness of a nice, fat line. Mostly, though, I love to see the world through the artists’ eyes. Their pieces — mostly crayon on construction paper — convey a refreshing sense of optimism and imagination

German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote, “One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.”

I am very fortunate that in my neighborhood, I can sit on my front porch and enjoy all four of those necessary pursuits by virtue of the families who meander past. There is music in their in their laughter, poetry in their chatter and reasonable words in their friendliness. And, occasionally, there are cool gifts of artwork stuffed into our mailbox.

We are all also blessed to live in a world where songs, poems, fine art and good discussion are right at our fingertips through the magic of the Internet. I am enjoying some suggested poetry and books via that route too as we all work to understand our place in this world and how we must rise to the challenge of being humans in it.

Yesterday, though, I paused my news scroll to review the precious gallery I have hanging here…and it made me smile.

A pirate ship in a storm. There’s a good story here.
And, speaking of pirates, my young friend Dominic drew me this treasure when he visited his mom at the office. It’s been hanging behind my desk ever since.
My little neighborhood friend Evelyn drew me this very flattering portrait. I like the way she included a rainbow with her signature.
You are beautiful.
Our neighbor Sami drew this for me a few years ago and it’s been on our refrigerator ever since. I love that the Lora Flower has freckles.
This one hangs on my bedroom wall to remind me of a time in my life when we all apparently wore purple sweatshirts and purple shoes and stood under multi-colored raindrops.

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  1. You are so special, Laura. You have always been special. Appreciating, saving and posting this kind of creative ART is a wonderful thing. I loved your portrait. Thanks.

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