One at a time

We’re going to make our way through this pandemic one day at a time.

It’s a little overwhelming to think beyond that.

So, we move forward one friendly wave at a time.

One charming sidewalk chalk message at a time.

One family group chat at a time.

One deep breath at a time.

One kind gesture at a time.

One thoroughly washed pair of hands at a time.

One sip of tea at a time.

One new entertainment discovery at a time.

One tasty recipe at a time.

One swipe of an anti-bacterial wipe at a time.

One pick-up order at a time.

One bedtime story at a time.

One reasonable grocery run at a time.

One eyes-closed, face toward the sun moment at a time.

One prayer at a time.

My daughter Molly introduced me to the Netflix series Schitt’s Creek and, at the end of each day for the past six, we have met in the living room after everyone else was in bed. We are working our way through that hilarious (though not appropriate for children) series one episode at a time.

Stay safe everyone!

Our little neighbor Norah made our day Saturday with this sweet, social and appropriately distant message and energetic wave.
A return message from across the street. This pandemic could bring out the best in all of us if we try.
In the midst of a very stressful time for are merchants, it’s so affirming to see a friendly, generous smile during a worrisome coronavirus shutdown.
Stay healthy Appleton! (Loved this message and this willingness to think outside the hibachi grill by Katsu-Ya downtown.)
Beer available for takeout. #Wisconsin.
My friend Daisy and her family have been spreading the sidewalk chart joy.
This is excellent advice.
It sure did my old heart good to check in on these guys yesterday.

4 thoughts on “One at a time

    1. True. I think they were one of the first indicators of how serious this pandemic is and they will be one of the first signs that things might be returning to whatever our new normal will be.

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