The magic kingdom

We celebrated my mom’s birthday yesterday at the happiest place on earth.

Our combined age of 136 made us a somewhat unlikely pair as we trotted from ride to ride, but my mom loves Disney more than anyone I know, so we had a pretty perfect day.

Times passes quickly at Disney World and it also stands still. We blinked and it was time for lunch, and we blinked again and could remember exactly what baby Molly looked like perched on her father’s shoulders in the teacup line 20 years ago.

Our favorite characters never age, so we sometimes forget that we have. As we made our way through Epcot, then the Magic Kingdom, then Animal Kingdom, we wracked up more than 20,000 steps and limped a little as we walked to the car last night.

But, no matter how many times you’ve been to Disney, the whole place — from parking lot attendant to maitre d’ — makes you feel like a special guest.

My mom stood in the shade listening to a mariachi band when the lead singer, who apparently spotted her birthday button, called her up and serenaded her. This was especially impressive because she had been standing behind them.

Hundreds of people wished her a happy birthday including musicians, monorail drivers, wandering characters and small children waiting in line.

Our dinner waiters sang to her as she made a wish on a raspberry cupcake and I made a wish too.

I wished that everyone could feel as special on their birthday as my mom did yesterday at Disney World.

See you next year, Mickey!

We don’t love this picture of us but we do love Epcot and one of our favorite rides there, Soarin’ Around the World.
We also don’t love this picture but we do love Mickey and his Magic Kingdom.
By the time we got to Animal Kingdom we had given up on taking pictures of ourselves and so I took a picture of this Dad, his daughter and the Wisdom Tree.
Ahhhhhh. We walked a lot and it felt good to rest the dogs and enjoy a boat tour of Mexico at Epcot.
That’s also where this mariachi band spotted my mom standing in the shade behind them…
…and serenaded her.
We love Disney.

8 thoughts on “The magic kingdom

    1. Spoken like a park veteran. They look so innocent and then they whirl you around like crazed fiends!

  1. Wonderful photos! Happy Birthday to Mom!! You gals sure know how to do life up right!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your MOM . Loved the pictures of you & your Mom & the ones of your Dad & his Mom I remember like it was yesterday. A GREAT LADY. The OLD COLVEREITE. NICK THE GARLIC MAN. Didn’t know BUBBA. & your dad shared the same birthday How cool. That’s what made him a great girl DAD……………

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