Lambeau magic

There really is something magical about playoff football at Lambeau and I loved every minute of last night’s game.

I loved that most of the stadium sang along to the National Anthem.

I loved that the pregame fireworks sent so much smoke in the air you could barely see Za’Darius Smith dance down through the opening team introductions.

I loved that Za’Darius Smith danced through the opening team introductions.

I loved that Wisconsin Badger Russell Wilson played a masterful game for the Seahawks.

I loved our opening drive.

I loved that Davante Adams was rock solid with 160 yards and two touchdowns.

I loved that, though they looked like they might be running out of gas, our defense wracked up six sacks of a very nimble quarterback.

I loved that our halftime show featured high school quarterbacks and receivers from eight different teams.

I loved that Lil Wayne, wearing a fluffy white coat, led the Beer Barrel Polka. What?

I loved that the entire stadium stood throughout the game.

I loved Preston Smith’s game-saving sack.

I loved that a chunk of my family got to see the game at Lambeau.

I loved that, even though my poor sister Kathy caught the Packer flu bug and was unable to attend the game, she kept up a lively text chat throughout and gave us all insights from Troy Aikman on TV and herself on her couch.

I love that my friend and fellow Packer fan Kathie got to celebrate her birthday in style at Lambeau last night.

I loved that the Packers’ 100th season is shaping up to be one of its best.

Go Pack Go!

I took this picture heading into the stadium last night. Lambeau Field is pretty magical at any time, but particularly during playoff season.
I took this picture heading out of the stadium last night. Lambeau sure wrapped up its 2019-2020 season in style.
It was an excellent night at Lambeau.
My seat buddies.
And the rest of the gang.
Lil Wayne led the Beer Barrel Polka wearing a fluffy white coat. What. Is. Happening? It was cool to see how excited he was. Green and yellow. Green and yellow

7 thoughts on “Lambeau magic

  1. I love seeing the pictures as we weren’t able to go last night. That picture with the fireworks is so interesting! Thanks for sharing. Yeah Packers!

    1. I took that picture as we were sprinting out of the stadium to beat the traffic. I looked at the stadium and thought woah!

  2. Tell Lottasports that you will be going to Florida to see the the PACKERS in the SUPER BOWL Not New Orleans GO PACK GO………… NICK……………

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