The candle of joy

We lit the candle of joy yesterday and I thought about how well-timed that particular call to action can be.

Sometimes, you have to look for the joy in your life even during the most festive time of the year. That’s what the pink candle in the Advent wreath is all about.

I had no problem finding my joy yesterday. My Packers won, my kids start to make their way home this week and I got to hold a brand new baby girl.

That’s a lot of easy-to-feel joy.

Other times, though, that joy is a little more elusive, particularly in mid-December when darkness comes early and the season’s frantic demands can wear you down.

That’s where the pink candle comes in. It reminds us to celebrate the real joy of the season, to pause every now and then and recognize its gift. Joy both manifests and regenerates itself in all kinds of cool ways — deep, belly laughs, eye-twinkling smiles, heart-swelling moments, happy tears, high fives and hugs.

You don’t have to light a pink candle to find the joy in your life, or hold a sweet baby (though I’m really glad I did.)

You just have to pause every now and then and let your light shine through.

I’m a big fan of the pink candle on the advent wreath but it isn’t my favorite. That comes next week when we light the candle of love.

Here’s hoping, whatever your religion, that you find a whole lot love and joy this season.

And welcome to the world baby Annie. We’re glad to meet you.

I felt pretty privileged to meet our family friend’s baby yesterday. Annie came a little early but she’s the perfect representation of joy.
The pink one is the candle of joy and I think we light it at the perfect time. Just when the season’s stress seems unrelenting, we get a reminder to find its joy