Good day sunshine, Good night moon

I like to imagine all the evening’s beauty and all the day’s promise come together in the magic moments when the moon and the sun share the sky.

One rises and the other dips and they meet in a glorious curtsey that sends waves of brilliant color across the sky. And, even on those mornings when the show takes place behind the thick curtains of clouds, you know they’re still up there – the secret keeper of the night and the hope provider of the day doing their thing to make the world go ‘round.

This changing of the celestial guard happens twice a day, every day, since time began and requires no human intervention. But I still like to watch the whole scene unfold, and I often applaud.

“Look up!” I’ll tell the other people in a car I’m driving. “Just look at that beautiful sky!”

On days when I have the time, I point my face toward the horizon, watch the graceful entrances and exits explode into glorious light and feel so grateful for the cool display.  Other days, when I’m rushing here or there, I get caught off guard and have to pause a moment to breathe it in.

Even on the darkest mornings, when my shadow relies on streetlights and my eyeballs still feel sticky with sleep, I like to look up and give the sky a subtle nod of gratitude because I know the moon is up there pulling those tides, and the sun is up there too sending energy, warmth and light our way.

That’s why I love the mornings just before dawn when I can watch the moon high five the sun and know we’re all going to be just fine today.

It was too cloudy yesterday to see the sunrise, but downtown Appleton looked magical anyway. I thought about how cool it is to be awake and looking at the sky when the moon bows out and the sun rises. I wonder if we humans get a little extra burst of energy during those moments when the sun and the moon share the sky.

2 thoughts on “Good day sunshine, Good night moon

    1. Thank you for reading it Cheryl. It is a happy miracle to watch it and to know friends across the country and even world are watching the same sky.

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