There is love

Love and Salms filled a beautiful old barn yesterday afternoon in Freedom as our friends Bob and Gail celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. The whole event felt like a giant family hug.

“How’d a guy like you ever land a cute bride like that?” my husband Vince joked.

“I drove a cool car,” Bob answered.

Maybe he did, but he had a lot more than that to offer and, even at 14-years old, Gail knew it.

“I stalked him,” she said. “I was just a freshman in high school and, at first, I didn’t even know his name, but I knew I liked him.”

The two dated all through high school and married when Bob was 20 and Gail just 19.

Together, they raised seven children while working the family farm, an experience that allowed both to demonstrate an admirable combination of strong work ethic and sense of fun.

They generously passed those traits on to at least the next two generations and probably a bunch more. Today, the Salm Family dynasty includes teachers, coaches, electricians, ophthalmologists, commercial real estate agents, physical therapists, singers and many others.

Two sons, Rob and Curt, teach and coach football at Appleton North High school and, in two years, Bob and Gail will have 12 grandchildren enrolled in the school at the same time.

That lucky, lucky school.

Happy 50th to two people we feel so fortunate to call friends.

We can’t wait to see what the next 50 years bring!

The whole scene was beautiful, but I particularly loved this little vignette of Gail’s wedding dress and the twinkle-lit tree.
Each table had a picture from their wedding. They really were and are an adorable couple.
Am I right? (Also, that is officially the biggest wedding cake I have ever seen.)
Two of my favorite people — the bride Gail, and Grammy Higgins, who is the mother in-law of Gail’s sister in-law Anne, another person we are lucky to call friend.
Here’s to beautiful happy occasions!
And the people who celebrate them!
And the cakes they eat when they celebrate them!
And the dresses they wear when they celebrate them!
And grown men who go through life with a twinkle in their eyes!

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  1. Reading & looking at your post of the Salm anniversary…..and there is Marge Higgins!! Was this at the former Hooyman farm/barn. Heard they had transformed it into a wedding venue.

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