Thank you Mayor Hanna

Great cities don’t happen along by chance or mere good fortune.

They rise to their destiny on intended currents of innovation, diplomacy, fiscal responsibility and careful planning.

For the past 24 years my great city of Appleton Wisconsin has enjoyed the steady leadership of just one mayor, Tim Hanna.

I voted for Mayor Hanna in each of his six elections and I have to say it felt good to vote for, rather than against, a candidate. Some years he faced formidable opponents and I might have cast my vote for them. But, I believe in recognizing a job well done and in that regard Mayor Hanna earned my support.

Yesterday he announced that he will not seek reelection, an understandable decision after nearly a quarter of a century commitment.

Politics can be a pretty thankless arena and that’s unfortunate because it’s a challenging arena as well. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Mayor Hanna.

Thank you for recognizing that the heart of any city is its downtown; for backing local businesses and your vision for the riverfront development. Thank you for encouraging voters to support the PAC and all that giant, expensive, ultimately highly successful project brought to the area.

Thank you for helping develop a more active partnership between the city of Appleton and Lawrence University, which has led to a rich and burgeoning culture of arts and entertainment.

Thank you for listening to residents and reversing course on the Erb Park Pool.

Thank you for the Kanonji Project and others that recognize the impact a small Midwestern city can have on the world at large and vice versa.

Thank you for your efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

Thank you for greeting me and so many other Appleton residents by name as you stroll through the Farmer’s Market, Oktoberfest, Bizarre After Dark and other local events.

Thanks for your efforts that have led Appleton to consistent rankings on national polls including the 2019 Top Places to Live in America, which ranked Appleton 56th based on amenities, civics, demographics, economics, education, health, housing and infrastructure.

We know we have a good thing going here in Appleton and I think it’s only right to thank the man who helped get us here.

Congratulations on your retirement from public office, Mayor Hanna and thanks for all you’ve done.

Mayor Tim Hanna first witnessed the Respect and Dignity Campaign when he visited Pittsburgh and he’s excited to see what the program can bring to Appleton.
A blurry, awkward angle of me, my mom and Mayor Hanna at a Farmer’s Market on a lovely summer day.
A longtime supporter of the Appleton Boychoir, Mayor Hanna has helped develop a rich culture of music and art here in Appleton.

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