Color between the lines

I took full advantage of a small window in my schedule Wednesday afternoon to take a walk, which turned into a full sprint because I had a hard deadline and I could not stop taking pictures.

The colors caught my eye and, despite stern lectures to myself, I had to pause repeatedly.

I love the lines of a river town — the way they offer a fascinating criss cross of history and innovation, practical and divine. They frame the autumnal magic on perfect fall days and you’d have to be a stronger person than I to stroll right on past.

So, I soaked it all in, then lectured myself, then ran forward, then stopped, snapped, repeated.

Aaah! Uh oh! Aaah! Uh oh! Aaah! Go! Stop! Go!

I came careening down my street just in time, all sweaty in my street clothes but thrilled with the show I had seen.

These gorgeous days become even more fleeting as each season passes, so I regret nothing and I’m very thankful for the pocket full of pictures I collected along the way.

Here they are:

I started noticing the lines pretty early in my stroll. Also, I loved the way the late afternoon light hit my second favorite Christmas tree. Brilliant color on one side of the tree, mystery on the other. You’d stop to take this picture too, right?
If you look closely, you’ll see the zig zagging lines of history and innovation. There are old train trestles heading one way, steel railing heading another, dormant smoke stacks and brand new street lights. Maybe, you’d see all this. And, maybe you’d be distracted by that gorgeous gold tree.
So, then I found my theme — the colors between the lines. “I’ll just take this shot and move on,” I’d say. You would have paused here too, right?
I mean, come on! The ghost train trestle stretching toward the horizon and all that fall beauty on the other side! Who’s going to pass up this shot? (P.S. I’m checking the time and moving at a brisk clip now).
Here’s another view of that trestle, that powerful river and those gorgeous trees.
More lines, more color, more history, more innovation. Sometimes, I imagine what it must have been like to take this stroll 100 years ago because the view would not have been all that different back then. Sometimes, I do this. And then I hustle on.
Lines, man. Disappearing into the shadows. How are you going to pass up this shot?
A dormant trestle under a modern bridge. Had to shoot it.
Color between the lines on a river. (It’s getting pretty late now and I’m thinking I have to turn toward home. But, I wanted to walk just a leeetle farther north before I looped around.)
and I found this. Tree lines, horizons, fence lines, skylines. I had to stop.
Heading back toward home now and I spotted this lovely juxtaposition of color and lines.
Last one because, if you’re shooting color and lines, you have to take shot off the bridge. I took off after this shot and you may have seen me high-tailing it down College Avenue, then Meade, then home, raincoat belt streaming behind me. It was worth the undignified gallop, though. I had a really lovely time.

4 thoughts on “Color between the lines

  1. I saved every picture, to remind me in the winter months of the great beauty surrounding me. You are an insightful and sensitive photographer. Thank you for taking time to see what I was missing!

  2. Don’t know if you got my replay on your garlic question? Now is the time to plant it . Should have pulled it in Aug. If it’s still in the ground pull it & replant the cloves now. Also thanks for the kind words on my daughters writings. Did you see the NFL ad on the 100 yrs. of football with your dad on it? NICK………….


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