Somethin’ bout a truck

Steve Eggers found the perfect way to combine his passion for the Packers, old car restoration and family.

Last week, he debuted his project at License to Cruise, a classic car show hosted in conjunction with Oktoberfest on College Avenue in Appleton.

Event coordinators rolled out an appropriate turf carpet for Eggers’ masterpiece and we spent some time getting a tour.

The truck features vintage Packer items like genuine helmet speakers, stadium carpeting and jerseys. Eggers etched “Curly Lambeau” into the side.

He first spotted the beat-up vehicle on hunting land in Montana, bought it and restored it with the help of his brother Larry Eggers.

“I get the crazy ideas, and he does the welding,” Steve said.

The brothers drove the finished product back to Montana to show the original owner.

While the overall theme is decidedly Packers, the intent is a little broader. Eggers wanted to build something families could enjoy. He wanted kids to be able to play with some of the features.

“With so many of the old cars, you show them to kids and say, ‘Isn’t that cool? But don’t touch it!’ I wanted to make a car they could have fun with,” he said.

The truck features a popular tailgate game in its bed. You can pull a lever and an old school leatherhead shoots a ping pong behind his back to a bucket, held by a smiling (though still a little creepy) mannequin.

The tailpipe is a roller skate and the ceiling is made of old Wisconsin license plates. Musical instruments decorate the sideboard, many of which still work.

We got a big kick out of Eggers’ handiwork and hope he enjoys an extra long Packer season (through February 2) Packer season to display it.

Go Pack Go!

They rolled out a turf mat to welcome this cool classic.
It has Curly Lambeau etched on its side.
And genuine helmet speakers. (Yes! They work!)
And genuine jersey seat covers.
And genuine jerseys of guys we’re a little bit mad at with deflated ball arm rests
And a working vintage game on the wheel well!
And the old school logo on the door.
But the best part was this game.
In which a sweet mannequin signals touchdown
While this creepy little fellow catches the pong ball.
The whole thing is a really cool piece of movable art and a tribute to innovation and the greatest team in the NFL.

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