The section of brotherly love

My sister and I generally have to hold our own at Lambeau Field because we sit directly behind the visitor’s bench.

So many fellow season ticket holders in our section sell their tickets to opposing fans that we often find ourselves surrounded by Lambeau Field first-timers dressed in strange colors and looking for trouble. (Not really. Most of them are very nice and very excited to be seeing a game at Lambeau). Sometimes, though, the gang gets unruly.

We have some experience in conducting ourselves in those situations.

  1. We give no ground. I mean this philosophically and physically. We bring our own stadium seats and plop them down directly on our assigned seat numbers, regardless of whose butt might already be planted there. “Oh, excuse me. This is seat seven.” I say and when the offending rump scootches over slightly, I shove my seat in. I don’t usually make eye contact as I do this but I know if I can secure my seat cushion before kickoff, I will own those 17 inches of bench space for the rest of the game. Believe me, it’s the key maneuver. I am convinced we had an extra Philly fan in our row Thursday night but I rammed my stadium seat in anyway, all the while making pleasant conversation with the people around me. This scored me my space, until a wide-derriered newbie Packer fan sat on me. I pretended not to notice and we spent a series glued together in a reverse Santa-at-the-mall situation until he moved to an open spot a row over.
  2. We occasionally chime in and, wisely, dial back. It’s a verbal dance I generally enjoy. In these scenarios, my sister often assumes a Debbie-Allen-In-Fame type character and keeps me in line. Thursdays conversation went like this:

Loud Philly fan: That was a B—Sh– call.

Me (to me sister): It was a late hit.

Loud Philly fan: B.S.

Me (to my sister): You could hear the whistle from here.

Philly fan turns around and looks at me: Even you should know that was a B.S. call.

Me (to my sister): Did he just say “even you”?

My sister: Don’t engage Laura

Me (to my sister): Is he saying “even you” because he thinks he knows more about football because I’m a female?

My sister: He’s drunk, Laura. He won’t even remember what he said if you call him on it.

I stewed.

I squirmed.

I cleared my throat.

My sister: Don’t do it Laura.

Me (to my sister): Okay, listen. I’m going to assume he said “even you” because I am a Packer fan and I’m going to let it go this time.

My sister: Thank you

Me: But it clearly was a late hit and that guy is wrong.

Later, I saw the viral video of the Packer and Eagles fan rolling around row four trading somewhat embarrassing punches in a pretty undignified way.

We sit in row four.

I called my sister and thanked her.

Go Pack Go!

My sister Kathy and I generally have to hold our own in our section because it’s right behind the visitor’s bench and we are often surrounded by fans of the opposing team.
The guy in the Philly baseball hat is the one who used the offensive “even you” phrase.
I should have been more bothered by this guy’s conduct. He sat right on me! Kathy took this picture because she thought it was hilarious.
And don’t even get me started on our horrifying pregame experience.
We discovered that Fox had hired ACTORS to play tailgaters at our tailgate spot. They had to coach them on how to yell “Go Pack Go!” See those people in the Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers jerseys? Actors!
But, I have to say, it was an impressive spread.
And that stadium and all its history is real. So, we’ll overlook some minor insults and inconvenience and we’ll be back, claiming our ground, on October 14 for the big Monday night battle against the Lions. Hope to see you there, in your seats, Packer fans!

6 thoughts on “The section of brotherly love

  1. Though I’ve never met the person who owns the seats to my left, I sat next to a nice Packer fan from Janesville who took great pains to make sure he wasn’t blocking my view.

  2. Those Eagles/Phillies are a tough fan base…. and yes, they drink a lot at games/watching games… so they are even braver with their insults. Don’t even get my husband started on people who sit in wrong seats! We watched a family of 5 move 3 times during a baseball game this summer! Of course, on all their moves, they were done during the inning blocking our view! It doesn’t take rocket science to match the seat number on tickets with the section number above, row number and seat number. I had to hold hubby in his seat and convince him 3rd time was a charm! And it was!

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